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Gambling addiction in sports betting

Sports betting - a dangerous balancing act towards gambling addiction

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The Getting started is usually done quickly. Usually one starts with low stakes in order to find one's way in the world of online sports betting. The first missions are mostly distributed over well-known and large sporting events where you feel you are particularly well informed and is equipped with the mostly available basic knowledge. The first success may already be there. If this is not the case and the betting account has been emptied after only a few days despite smaller bets, there is a danger the lost money as soon as possible wanting to win back.

Therefore, a new deposit, meist auch even higher than the first and the beginning of the end begins. You are no longer alone with the fun and excitement with the topic Sports betting, but pursues the supposedly big goal of realizing fast money. For this purpose, without obtain in advance necessary information einzuholen bets are placed. Under certain circumstances, these are now randomly distributed to the current sports betting offer. Since the sports betting offer is increasing every day and no event is left out by the big sports betting provider, this will be the prospect of the player also made extremely easy. If coincidence and pure luck will, the previous loss can be minimized or even evened out again with the first frustration bets. If you fail to recognize the seriousness of the situation, it can already have dire consequences at such an early stageböse Konsequenzen.

There may even be || every week | 320 täglich neue Einzahlungen made to win back the nice lost moneyzurück zu gewinnen. Already driven by gambling addiction one invests more and more time every day to satisfy one's addiction. The daily routine and personal well-being now depends on the sports betting. If you end the day with a positive balance if you feel confirmed in your actions where possible, however, the day ends again with a negative balance and the betting account no longer has any credit, this can quickly result in aggression and frustration auch seinen Mitmenschen gegenüber enden. Das sports betting is now completely in the foreground and real life begins in the sports betting swamp | || 343 zu versinken. Alleine in Kenya gibt es bereits 200,000 (!) People who have met this fate, the unreported number should probably

I don't want to take the entry or the fun of sports betting away from anyone . If you adhere to certain rules one can be quite ambitious luck try sports betting without that the danger there is in the gambling addiction to sink.

The betting provider Mybet has set up very sensible rules and a checklist which you can use to recognize whether you are already addicted to gambling or very vulnerable.

Take note of these following principles und genießen Sie so nur die advantages of betting:

  • See sports betting as leisure fun und nicht als Weg zum Geldverdienen.
  • Never try to betting losses with new higher stakes equalize.
  • Set yourself Stake limits.
  • Only bet if you also have the | || 395 Verluste abdecken können.
  • Never borrow money to bet.
  • Always keep the Overview of placed bets, lost amounts and time invested.
  • Only bet in good physical and mental condition, not under the influence of alcohol or medication.
  • Use our customer protection to keep your betting activity under control. Example: automatic time and deposit limits and monitored by Mybet überwachte betting breaks.

|| | 420


Have you ever bet exclusively for entertainment purposes? Or are you afraid of being prone to Gambling addiction? If you can answer the questions in the following Checklist after careful examination with No, then your Self-control good and the risk of gambling addiction is low:

  • Bet so often that you already have it discourages work, study or school?
  • Bet out of boredom oder um Zeit zu überbrücken?
  • Always bet until your betting balance is all?
  • Are you because of your || | 450 Wettleidenschaft ever got into conflict with your fellow men?
  • Have you ever lied to your fellow man , regarding the amount of money lost?
  • Have you ever stolen or incurred debts to be able to continue betting?
  • Do you only reluctantly spend money that you also to bet?
  • After a lost bet do you feel like the loss as soon as possible having to equalize with a new betausgleichen zu müssen?
  • Do you sometimes bet to make yourselfvon persönlichen Problemen?
  • Does betting almost always trigger you frustration, or even Suicidal thoughts?

Did you answer one or more questions with 'YES'? || | 492

Dann könnte es sein, dass Sie Ihre betting passion no longer have control. We recommend a Advice center for gambling addicts to contact. Under the following links you will find further information and free anonymous help:

Internet pages:
www.spielsucht-therapy. de

An overview and information on the betting base that deal with the subject of betting addiction and match manipulation can be found in our article: Responsible betting - gambling addiction & betting manipulation

And finally we would like to offer you our free e-mail course "Better betting in 7 days" ans Herz legen – Sie lernen dabei viele wichtige Dinge rund ums Wetten – weitere Infos und Anmeldung: Better betting in 7 days!