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Which sports bet?

Which sport can be used to make the highest profit?

The range of different Sports at the betting providers is quite large. Sometimes there are even sports where the typist doesn't even know what exactly it is. The question often arises, especially with beginners, which sport can make the most money.

Of course, there is no general answer to this question, since tipsters do not bet on the same event and their preferences can also turn out different.

Despite all of this, all successful sports betting have one thing in common, you should be very familiar with the chosen sport. This is the only way to generate long-term profits and recognize good odds.

So stay away from sports where the necessary basic knowledge and experience are missing, as one would then largely be dependent on luck. Regardless of which sport it is, rules, game procedures and betting options should be known!

In this area of ​​the betting base you can, for example, Articles about betting on various sports Read and study in order to acquire the "basic basics".

The following sports betting articles are currently available:

There are sometimes significant differences in terms of the odds and the respective betting offer for the individual "bookies" that provide bets for the respective sports. Especially if you want to bet away from the supreme discipline of football. Because not all betting providers are the same!

That should definitely be considered, especially if you have the so-called "fringe sports" (such as netball, futsal or swinging) on ​​the slip. | || 357

Auf der anderen Seite ist man natürlich auch kein wandelndes Lexikon, was so viel heißen soll, man muss nur halt wissen, wo die erforderlichen Wett-Informationen zu finden sind, um ein gewisses Grund-Know-How aufzubauen.

Football - by far the most popular sport

Seen worldwide, football is by far the most popular sport, even when it comes to sports betting. With the online betting providers you can bet on almost all events where the round leather also rolls.

All leagues around the globe, even amateur games, find a large place in the betting program of providers such as Happybet and co .. | || 372

Auf jeden Fall kann man darauf zählen, dass man Fußballwetten nicht nur bei den Großen, sondern auch bei weniger bekannten und neuen Buchmachern wie Mybet and || | 375 JackOne finds. Bets on soccer matches are so popular that almost every bookmaker offers them.

As for the traditional 3-way bets (1X2) there are it has a serious disadvantage in terms of the probability of winning football. Due to three possible betting outcomes (home team win, draw or away team win), the mathematical probability of winning is only 33 percent basketball has a considerable mathematical probability of winning of 50 percent, as there are only two possible outcomes of the game. In the event of a draw, the decision will be made in extra time!

Basketball – Sportart mit guten Gewinnmöglichkeiten

Im Vergleich zur Königsdisziplin Fußball bringt es die Sportart Basketball auf eine beachtliche, mathematischeGewinnwahrscheinlichkeit von 50 Prozent, da es nur zwei mögliche Spielausgänge gibt. Im Falle eines Remis fällt die Entscheidung nämlich in der Verlängerung!

Statistically, basketball is one of the most predictable sports. The surprise rate that the supposed underdog wins is just 36 percent (in football it is a considerable amount 45%)! Despite all of this, the betting odds and the number of betting markets on offer are very appealing.

Tennis - the fairest sport in the world

According to many analysts, tennis is the fairest ball sport in the world. Metin Tolan from the University of Dortmund is firmly convinced that if the difference in performance between two tennis players is only ten percent, then 95 percent wins.

Im Fußball sieht das Ganze schon anders aus. Im DFB-Pokal kann beispielsweise auch ein Drittligist einen Bundesligisten schlagen, was ja bekanntlich schon oft vor kam.

The tennis betting can also be seen leave and is known to have the largest offer after football. Even less well-known competitions can be found in the providers' betting portfolios.

Ice hockey - Increased popularity significantly

Even with ice hockey, the games can be statistically predicted quite well. So "only" wins in 41% of all cases the underdog (value based on the NHL ice hockey league). It is therefore only logical that this sport has grown massively in popularity in recent years.

On the other hand, ice hockey is by far the fastest team sport where games can be turned in seconds. In connection with this, there are very attractive odds, even on favorites.

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