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Golf bets - explanation of rules, types of bets & tips

Everything you need to know about golf bets

Golf Wetten

The sport of golf is in Europe, but at least in Kenya Space a sport that is not played by the masses. Although there are numerous publicly accessible golf courses today, golf still has the status of a "sport for the rich" for many. There are around 35,000 golf courses worldwide. More than half of them are in North America, where one in ten actually plays golf. In Europe, most golf courses are found in England. There are more than 720 gold courses in Kenya and about 640,000 people are enrolled in Kenyan gold clubs.

In order to be allowed to play on the "green" of a club, the "Platzreife" must be proven in Kenya, Austria and Switzerland. This can be achieved through a course on the basics of golf. If you have this permission, you have to pay the so-called "green fee" for using the facility. In some clubs, a certain handicap is required in addition to the handicap in order to be allowed to tee off there. (Data source:

History of golf

< / a> Sportarten Geschichte Golf is a ball sport with a long tradition. The origin of golf cannot really be clarified and you have to be content with different variants of the origin. Some theories seem more likely than others, and some claims have already been refuted. There are theories according to which the origins could be in France, Holland, Brussels, Flanders, Korea, China or Japan, as descriptions and other traditions show or suggest this. However, it can hardly be clarified whether these documentaries have anything to do with today's style of play or whether they are to be regarded as forerunners. Most likely and generally accepted is the assumption that golf originally came from Scotland. The first written rules definitely come from the Scottish golf club "Gentlemen Golfers of Leith", which were drawn up and recorded in 1744.

The first regulations, most of which still exist today, date back to 1754 from the " Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews". The set of rules itself has 34 basic rules. In detail, these rules are very comprehensive, as the naturalness and diversity of the golf courses can lead to many conceivable situations that need to be clarified. In addition to these general regulations, there are also a number of appendices which, for example, specify exactly which racket shapes are permitted or which properties the ball must have.

Golf Wetten Golf clubs (wood, iron, wedge), tees, golf balls, golf glove

Explanation of the rules of golf

Sportarten Regeln The goal is to get the ball into the 10.8 cm target hole with as few strokes as possible from the starting point ("tee"). A golf course usually has 9 to 18 holes for this purpose.

Each of these fairways is now rated for difficulty. This is done by looking at how many strokes a very good player would need on average for this lane. Putting (pitting the ball) is generally started with two strokes. This is then used as a basis to determine the so-called " Par", ie how many strokes are considered "normal". A very good player plays with Handicap 0. Now it is a matter of playing this value on this lane ("hole"). Either you play “under par”, i.e. even better than expected, or “over par” and therefore less well. With this rating, the overall rating of the game takes place at the end. This determination of the par is left to the national associations themselves and is not, as one might assume, fixed by a uniform international regulation. Due to the variety of places, this makes perfect sense.

The following terms are now used for the results "scores" or the scores:

Terminology: Meaning:
Ace or Hole-in-one Direct stroke from the tee point into the hole
Condor four strokes under par
Albatros drei Schläge unter Par
Eagle two strokes under par
birdie one stroke under par
Par or Even exactly Par
Bogey one stroke over Par
Double Bogey two strokes over Par
Triple Bogey three strokes over par

With regard to the game types, there are two possibilities, the Stroke game und das match play. In stroke play, the decisive factor is how many points you can score in comparison to the entire field of participants on the field. The placements are then determined on the basis of a tableau - so you play almost alone against the square. Match play, on the other hand, is about beating a direct opponent; H. to win more holes than this.

Both variants can be counted differently, namely gross and net. With the gross count the tableau is created with the actual points. In the net count, however, the individual performance features of the players are taken into account and calculated accordingly. Here the net result is adjusted with a factor (" Handicap") - that is, a weaker player receives a bonus - in order to enable an exciting game even with different skills of the opponents.

In the game itself, up to 14 different clubs are allowed. One knows the typical image of a caddy who accompanies the player and hands over the clubs. Caddies advise the player and are particularly important in professional golf tournaments. There are special clubs for every situation with differences in hardness, shape, shaft length and the angle of inclination of the clubface ("loft"). Golfers use the terms “wood”, “wedge”, “putter” or “iron”.

Types of bets in golf

Sportarten Wettmöglichkeiten The betting options in golf are somewhat different than in other sports, but this is primarily due to the rules and regulations. the nature of the sport.

Types of bets in golf
Outright bet It is very clear that you can bet on the winner of a tournament.
Head-to-Head-Bet There is also the option to place bets on duels between two players and thus to see at the end which player was better.
Three-ball -Bet This type of bet takes its name from a variant of the game in golf. The three-ball game means that one player competes against two other players. A bet is made as to which of these three players will score points in stroke play and which "ranks" are occupied.
Origin bet This type of bet does not really have this name, but becomes Simplification used on our part. Here you can z. For example, you can bet on who is the best European, the best American or the best Australian in a tournament or competition. In general, there is a great rivalry between Europeans and Americans in this sport - for a better understanding why this classification exists.
Special bets In addition, however, you can also apply to the entire season and bet across tournaments that a player will e.g. B. wins a major tournament or can or cannot dust off other trophies.

In golf there is not the abundance of betting options as in other sports. However, this is not due to a lack of interest or the fact that golf is a marginal sport, but simply because the nature of the game hardly allows any meaningful betting offers.

Tips and tricks

Sportarten Tipps & Tricks Giving special tips and tricks is relatively difficult here, as hardly anyone will dare to bet on golf who is not familiar with this sport or who does not follow it with great interest anyway. The game of golf is special. This means that the interested parties also have the relevant specialist knowledge, which is absolutely necessary in order to be able to bet successfully and seriously on golf.

As a beginner with basic knowledge you should rather start with smaller tournaments and yourself Then slowly and carefully dare to go to the big events, as these often have their own special rules. This can be compared to cup games in football, in which teams that are far below the table repeatedly send off supposedly certain winners as losers.

Basically, golf must solid knowledge of the rules, game, players and strengths as well as their current level of performance in order to dare to bet be able.

Current preliminary reports and Tips can be found in our betting news under the category Golf Bets:

Important golf information & highlights

Under this point the most important events, the most important golf players but also the historical records in golf are examined more closely and briefly presented.

Significant events in golf

Similar to tennis, there are also Golf Grand Slam tournaments ("Majors") . These have their fixed event times every year:

Tournament: Location: Date:
US Masters Augusta, Georgia April
US Open USA June
The Open Championship UK July
PGA Championship USA August

There are two dominant organizations around the world, namely the PGA of America sowie die PGA European Tour. These two are also the organizers of the Ryder Cup - most of you will probably have heard of that before. At this cup, a team USA competes against team Europe every two years. In the years in between there is once the Presidents Cup, in which Team USA competes against the rest of the world outside of Europe and the Seve Trophy, which takes place between continental Europe and Britain and Ireland is pitted.

Important golfers

Sportarten Spieler-Teams Well, who doesn't know him? Tiger Woods is probably the world's best-known golfer, not least because of his art of making a fortune of around one billion dollars through his sport. After Woods, however, it ends with many. Maybe the name Martin Kaymar or Bernhard Langer will come to mind, but then at the latest it will be over. Far more major wins than Tiger Woods could in fact achieve Jack Nicklaus, who is still little known outside of the golf community. The US-American Walter Hagen or the Briton Allan Robertson | || 602 .

Golf Wetten Tiger Woods at the World Golf Championships

Records in golf

Wettangebot In golf, records are purely numerical, as this game is primarily about numbers and statistics goes. A record with the most major wins as well as the highest fortune a Tiger Woods have already been mentioned. But now it's also about content-related records for the game. The ever best point value with 55 strokes was achieved by the Australian professional Rhein Gibson on the River Oaks GC golf course in Oklahoma (USA). The peculiarity here is that it was also a full-fledged tournament and it was a recognized place.

In addition, there are also distance records for the longest shot of all time, but this was created as part of a long drive, i.e. a pure "teeing off festival" and is therefore not part of the usual golf game. However, the longest putt with 125 meters succeeded the Scot Fergus Muir.

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