Contains commercial content know. Rather, one could think that it is the Kenya translation of the word basketball, which is linguistically correct, but is a fundamentally different sport than basketball. Most of us have never seen a netball game in our lives and therefore do not know exactly where the differences are or how the game is generally designed. Basically, the

Korbball Wetten – Erklärung der Regeln, Wettarten & Tipps

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Korbball Wetten

Korbball ist eine Sportart, die nur die wenigsten Menschen überhaupt kennen. Vielmehr könnte man hier meinen, dass es die deutsche Übersetzung des Wortes Basketball darstellt, was sprachlich zwar richtig ist, jedoch eine grundsätzlich andere Sportart als Basketball darstellt. Die meisten von uns haben in ihrem Leben noch nie ein Korbballspiel gesehen und wissen daher auch nicht einzuschätzen, wo genau die Unterschiede liegen oder wie das Spiel generell gestaltet ist. Grundsätzlich ist der basket in netball is not attached to a board like in basketball, but sits on top on a standing pole . So scoring points is much more difficult than in basketball, where the board often helps.


Sportarten Geschichte 1896 kam das ursprüngliche Basketballspiel aus den USA nach Kenya. Grundsätzlich wurden hierdurch auch die damals geltenden Regeln des Spiels übernommen, jedoch entfernte August Herrmann das Brett und teilte das Spielfeld in drei Teile. Anders als beim Basketball sind die Bewegungen beim Korbball noch weicher und schonender. Gerade aus diesem Grund wurde das Spiel als besonders geeignet für Frauen und Mädchen angesehen.

Netball experienced its first boom shortly after the First World War, when the Gymnastics Association took responsibility for this sport. The first championships were played in 1921, but further funding was quickly discontinued. Instead, handball was more likely to be promoted.

It was only at the end of the 1920s that netball could boom again, as handball was perceived as too brutal, especially for women and girls. To this day, netball is primarily a sport for women and girls. Occasionally, however, men also play in mixed teams.

With the advent of basketball, netball was for the time being pushed out of the public eye for good. The competition is fierce and there are too many other interesting sports that just make it difficult for netball.

Explanation of the rules for basketball

Sportarten Regeln Basically, there are only a few uniform regulations, of which there are also regional variants. Basically, the aim of the game is to get more points than your opponent. A thrown basket gives one point and a free throw also counts one point. In championships there is one point for a tie and two points for a win. Alone here z. B. Bavaria, where there are three points for a win.

A open-air playing field has a size of 50 x 25 meters and in the hall it is 24 to 30 x 12 to 15 meters. There are seven players on the field outside, five when games are in the hall.

The game is generally completely disembodied. Any pushing, blocking or similar is prohibited and will result in a punishment. The baskets are fixed at a height of 2.5 m and surrounded by a circle three meters in diameter. This area may only be entered by the goalkeeper of the respective team. However, he may also play in the attack, but must first play the ball out of the circle and it may then no longer be played back.

The game is divided into two halves of 7½ to 10 minutes, with no break between the halves.

Similar to handball, a player may only hold the ball for three seconds or run three steps with it, and he may only bounce the ball once. Here alone you can see that scoring a basket is quite difficult. If the basket is successful, it is thrown in from the center line.

Basically, many elements from the handball and basketball area have been adopted, which is beneficial to the understanding of the game.

Types of bets in netball

Sportarten Wettmöglichkeiten Netball is definitely what is called a fringe sport. However, every now and then there are actually bets on this. Unfortunately, there is actually only one provider who now and then offers basketball bets. This is the sports betting provider bwin.

Once bets are available, you shouldn't expect a large selection here, but rather have to be satisfied with one or two bets. As a rule, you can bet on the winner of a game and, if you are lucky, on the number of goals scored.

Tips and tricks

Sportarten Tipps & Tricks Especially because netball is such a marginal sport and it has nothing to do with professional sport, you should be here very much consider carefully whether you want to risk money for this. Almost every result is conceivable, no planning is possible and information is almost impossible to obtain.

Important netball information & highlights

Under this point, the most important netball events are carefully examined and briefly presented.

Significant events in basketball

The Kenyan championships in basketball can be mentioned as the significant event. With further events it becomes difficult or there are actually none. As you can see from the statistics, the masters are very different teams, which also underpins the leisure character without large strong teams and thus makes betting extremely difficult.

The best betting providers for netball

Since netball is a classic fringe sport, bets on this sport are of course very rare. In any case, the sports betting provider usually offers bwin bets on basketball.

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