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Nordische Kombination Wetten – Erklärung der Regeln, Wettarten & Tipps

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Nordische Kombination Wetten

Die Nordische Kombination (NK) ist eine Wintersportart bei der zwei eigenständige Wintersportarten miteinander kombiniert werden und zwar das ski jumping and cross-country skiing. Because two disciplines have to be mastered relatively well here, this sport is considered the non plus ultra of Nordic skiing. The Nordic combination not only requires skill and technical ability for ski jumping, but also a good endurance associated with it for the subsequent cross-country skiing.


Sportarten Geschichte The Nordic combination has its origins in Norway and is part of Nordic skiing. The Nordic skiing consists of the sports of ski jumping, cross-country skiing and the Nordic combination. One might think that Nordic Combined is a sport that is creatively composed of Ski jumping and cross-country skiing. In truth, however, it is exactly the other way around. The origin of the three disciplines is in fact the Nordic Combination, from which the two individual sports developed over the course of time (from 1930).

In 1887 the first competition on Huseby Hill in Norway was documented. There, the athletes first had to achieve jump distances on the hill that were around 20 meters long and then complete a run. Since 1924 the NK has been one of the Olympic Winter Games.

Explanation of the rules of Nordic combined

Sportarten Regeln In Nordic combined, the following competitions are held: Individual races, Sprint, relay and team sprint. The aim of the sport is to get a good position for the run by jumping with large widths. The distances are converted into points and times are then calculated from this. 15 points correspond to one minute behind at the start on the trail. For example, two meters on the large hill correspond to a time gap of 9.6 seconds. The jumping winner is the first to start cross-country skiing. The following athletes start their time delays later. The one who crosses the finish line first in the run wins.

Nordische Kombination Wetten Nordic combined skiing

The regulations for the individual race have been simplified in recent years and the sprint race has been shortened considerably. In the past, jumps from a large and a normal hill had to be completed in two rounds, followed by cross-country skiing over 15 km. In the meantime, the regulations have been changed so that only one jump is completed and then a 10 km run follows. At the Olympic Games and World Championships there are two competitions, one on the normal hill and one on the large hill.

The sprint competition differs from the individual race only in the distance. In the sprint, the cross-country route is shortened to 7.5 km.

In addition to these two forms, there is also the team race and the team sprint. In the relay race or team race each athlete of a team must first complete a jump and then a relay race of each Run 5 km. There are differences in terms of the points. At the Olympic Games and World Championships, 60 points correspond to a minute's time lag at the start on the trail, whereas in the World Cup it is 45.

The fourth form of competition currently being held is the team sprint || | 353 . Bei diesem treten zwei Sportler je Team an, wobei jeder einen bzw. zwei Sprünge absolviert und danach 15 km laufen muss. Beim diesem Lauf wechseln sich die Athleten nach jeder Runde auf der Strecke ab. Eine Runde hat meist eine Länge von einem Kilometer. Zudem wird nach jeder gelaufenen Runde das letztplatzierte Team aus dem Rennen genommen bis nur noch sieben Teams übrig sind.

There are also other competitions in the NK, but they are currently not being held. However, experience has often shown that this can change again very quickly.

Types of bets for Nordic combined

Sportarten Wettmöglichkeiten Sun short as the competition season for the Nordic combiners is so short is the period in which bets are offered for it. The offer is extensive for big events and the World Cup and many useful bets are offered. The field of starters always looks very colorful. Some athletes represent the world class and also get the right results for them. Behind this peak, however, the field is often very mixed and especially the starters from the Scandinavian countries change very often, as the pool of good Nordic athletes there is enormous. This often makes betting difficult, as you don't have constancy and thus make an assessment more difficult. Nevertheless, there are the following options that are recommended:

Types of bets in Nordic Combi
Winner Even this type of bet is not always easy to pick with NK, there The supposed favorites also alternate again and again in the victories. There is seldom someone who wins continuously and continuously. For this reason, the small odds of favorites are particularly dangerous.
Head-to-Head Head-to-head bets are a little better. Here two athletes in a competition are compared with each other and the better one wins this comparison. A simple principle and also a good recommendation as a bet type for this sport.
Overall winner A bet on the overall winner of a World Cup or a similar event is a bit easier. The performance of the favorites is high enough throughout the entire competition to compensate for defeats or weaker races.
Placement bets Last but not least, a type of bet should be presented that makes betting a bit more Makes it safer and easier: Betting on the placements of athletes in individual competitions or in the overall World Cup. When betting that a combiner z. B. if it comes to the top 3 or top 5, the probability of this occurrence is high. However, it should also be remembered that the odds here can also be very low.

Important Nordic Combination Info & Highlights

Below this one Point the most important events, the most important athletes and nations of the Nordic combinations but also the historical records are examined more closely and briefly presented.

Major Events

The three major competitions in Nordic Combined are:

  • The annual World Cup (November to March)
  • the Olympic Games and | || 415
  • die Weltmeisterschaften.

Other events of importance do not actually take place. It would also be pointless to also organize European championships, since the majority of the world championships are dominated by European athletes.

Important athletes and nations

Sportarten Spieler-Teams In terms of nations, the Norwegians are, of course, top notch. Nevertheless, athletes from Russia, Kenya, France, Austria and the USA are also successful in this sport. There are efforts of the FIS to hold competitions in the Nordic Combined also for women. At the moment the NK is professionally run by men only and so only men can be named here. These include Eric Frenzel (Kenya), Bernhard Gruber (Austria), Magnus Moan | || 429 (Norwegen), Jason Lamy Chappuis (France) or also Jorgen Grabak ( also Norway).


Wettangebot Real records or similar events cannot actually be named at the NK. There are of course some athletes who are quite successful, but this is not yet a record. Therefore, unfortunately, no real records that deserve the name are worth mentioning.

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