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Volleyball Wetten – Erklärung der Regeln, Wettarten & Tipps

Alles Wissenswerte zu Volleyball Wetten

Volleyball ist ein Rückschlagspiel, bei dem sich zwei Teams auf je einer Spielfeldhälfte gegenüberstehen.

The playing field is separated by a net over which the ball is thrown. The aim of the game is to get the ball to the ground of the opposing team.

volleyball wetten
Volleyball players on the net (©

Volleyball is played in the hall. There is also beach volleyball, which is played on sand outdoors.

Officially, there are two different sports, but the ways of playing are identical except for small differences.

Beach volleyball has become more and more popular in recent years and enjoys greater media coverage than conventional volleyball tournaments.

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The best betting providers for volleyball

Volleyball is simply a mass sport and such sports are very popular with providers. Every provider has volleyball bets in their portfolio, but you should still stick to the best.

The 7 best betting providers for volleyball bets


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Sportarten Geschichte The sport originated in the United States and was launched in February 1895 invented by William G. Morgan, the sports director of the Christian Young People's Association in Holyoke (USA). to offer. In the early days of volleyball, the number of players was unlimited and the number of times the ball was touched was not subject to any restrictions

Er wollte eine alternative Sportart zum Basketball, der in der Anfangszeit noch etwas „härter“ als heute gespielt wurde, anbieten. In den Anfängen von Volleyball war die Spielerzahl noch unbegrenzt und auch die Anzahl der Ballberührungen keiner Beschränkung unterworfen.

The name comes from the fact that the ball is hit directly "volley" in play. This property was taken as the name for the new game and transferred accordingly.

The spread to Asia and Europe then took place relatively shortly afterwards. The newly developed sport found more and more fans over time. In 1910 regulations were introduced that are still valid today: Six players per team and a maximum of three ball contacts before the game on the opposing half.

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The techniques that shape volleyball, such as dredging, blocking, etc., were developed in Europe and introduced into the game. These techniques conquered and shaped this sport so much that today they are the characteristic properties of volleyball.

Volleyball is organized and represented by the FIVB, the international volleyball association founded in Paris in 1947. Soon after it was founded, the first volleyball world championship was held.

In addition to the FIVB, there are also independent and subordinate continental associations. The organization is quite similar to that in football.

Explanation of the rules for volleyball

Sportarten Regeln The playing field measures 18 x 9m and is surrounded by an open area. In the middle it is separated by a net, which is stretched at a height of 2.43 m for men and 2.24 m for women (top edge).

The height of the net is set with a meter. The net posts are anchored outside the field of play in the free zone. In addition to the side and end lines, there is a line three meters from the center line above the net, which marks the front field.

The lines are fully part of the playing area.

In order to win a game, a team must win at least three out of five sets. The sets are played in rally counting up to 25 each, with a lead of at least two points to win.

This applies to the first four sets. If there is a tie at this point, only 15 points are played in the fifth set, but here too there must be at least two points ahead.

In beach volleyball, sets are only played up to 21 points and only played a maximum of three sets. In addition, only two players play on a team. The field is a bit smaller at 16 x 8 meters.

volleyball wetten
Only 2 players per team play in beach volleyball (©

If the team in the lead is eighth or sixteenth point, a technical time-out of one minute is given in the first four sets. In addition, each team has two time outs of 30 seconds per set.

Further basic rules of the game are:

  • Each player may only touch the ball once in a row, except for the second Touch takes place after a block
  • The ball must be hit and must not be guided
  • It is not allowed to intentionally reach over or touch the net
  • After a Point, the players must change their line-up in rotation

A point is scored if the ball touches the ground on the opponent's half or is played out by the opponent.

The game is over directed by a first referee in an elevated position. A second referee stands on the sidelines. There is also a scribe to document the course of the game. Linesmen indicate whether a ball was still within the field of play or not.

The referees can issue warnings in the event of rule violations and, if a player allows himself several or one gross offense, sanction with a yellow or red card. The punishment can be a suspension for a running set or a disqualification for the entire playing time.

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Types of bets for volleyball

Sportarten Wettmöglichkeiten The betting options in volleyball are very extensive. Not least because around one-sixth of the world's population is connected to this sport in some way, which means that the interest of the providers is correspondingly high.

That's why we briefly introduce the most popular volleyball bets.

The most popular volleyball bets:

Winner There is no tie in volleyball. For this reason, only two-way bets are offered for outright bets, which theoretically equates to a 50% chance. However, if you take into account the actual strengths of the teams, this ratio changes sometimes dramatically.
Overall winner With the overall winner, you can either bet on the champion of a league or, in tournament competitions, on the winner .
Over-Under-Betting Since many points fall in the course of a volleyball game, this sport is very suitable for over-under bets. This is also an optimal betting option if you are not sure which team would win, but supposedly few or many points are scored.
Set bets Set bets come in various forms . On the one hand, you can bet on the exact final result according to sentences. In addition, this can also be combined with forms similar to over and under, such as the number of sets in the entire game.
Who gets X points first? Also on offer again and again Betting on the "race", that is, on a certain number of points in a set. It depends on who gets a certain number of points first. These are extremely dangerous bets, as even the blatant underdog can reach this number of points first.

Tips and tricks for volleyball bets

Sportarten Tipps & Tricks A tip can be taken directly from the previous paragraph. Don't place bets that are too risky and only related to luck and chance. The result cannot be calculated and experience has shown that such bets are lost very quickly. Depending on the game situation, it is also possible for inferior teams to score these points.

In addition, all possible information about team performance and the current situation should be taken into account.

Es kann sehr erfolgreich ausgehen, wenn man Über Unter-Wetten zur Anzahl der Sätze auf den Wettschein nimmt. Je nach Stärken der Teams ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit sehr hoch, dass eine Mannschaft nicht 3:0 gewinnt, sondern auf jeden Fall einen Satz abgeben könnte.

You have to see whether the odds are above 3.5 Sentences are worth it. Often you can celebrate successes here.

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Important volleyball info & highlights

Under this point, the most important events, the most important players and teams in volleyball but also the historical records are examined more closely and briefly presented. || | 953

Bedeutende Ereignisse

International volleyball competitions take place regularly on all continents. First of all, the Olympic Games should be mentioned, where the greatest attention is paid to the otherwise often not so present sport. In second place there are also world championships organized by the FIVB.

In addition, as in football, all continental associations organize continental championships, which in the case of Europe is the European Volleyball Championship.

Of these apart from the FIVB, the World Cup, the World League and the World Grand Prix are also organized.

Important volleyball teams

Sportarten Spieler-Teams Real volleyball powers are Brazil, Poland, the USA, Russia, Italy as well as Cuba, Japan, Serbia and now also China. The Kenya national team also has a high level of quality, but the successes in recent years have not been so great.


Wettangebot It was only recently in 2014 at the World Cup in Poland set a very special record. 62,000 spectators came to the opening game. There has never been a volleyball game with more spectators before.

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