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Who will win the Super Bowl? 5 top bets & odds for the 2021 NFL final

Sovereign Chiefs success or late Brady catch-up?

Steffen Peters  7. Februar 2021
Super Bowl Wetten
Who will win the Super Bowl LV - Chiefs or Buccaneers? (© imago images / Icon SMI)

The big question this weekend is: Who will win the Super Bowl 2021?

We have the five best bets to the duel Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Buccaneers collected for you - apart from the classic win bet, in which the Chiefs are seen as the clear favorite.

With these 5 special bets you are optimally prepared for the NFL final 2021 and you might find some value in unexpected markets.


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Best Super Bowl bets: Furious start by the Chiefs ?

Hardly any fan will doubt that the Kansas City Chiefs are currently perhaps the most exciting team in the NFL. In Patrick Mahomes, the team has found a quarterback who can lead his teammates for at least another decade.

So the big question is how the team comes into play on Sunday US time.

If there is going to be a furious start, as is so often the case, it cannot be ruled out that the Chiefs will fulfill the 4.5-point spread bet.

Spread 1st half
Kansas City Chiefs -4.5 2.50
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* Betting odds as of 7.2.2021, 10.00 a.m. | 18+ | Terms and conditions apply

What does a look at the previous playoffs say?

The Chiefs started in the Divisional Round against Cleveland and led 19: 3 at halftime before it got tight at the back. In the AFC Championship Game against the Buffalo Bills the break was 21:12.

On the other hand, it should be emphasized that Tampa Bay has never been behind at halftime.

But in the only direct duel of the regular season it was also clearly 20: 7 from the Chiefs' point of view at the break. It is clearly a team that wants to make things clear at an early stage.

Thus, the tip on -4.5 points Chiefs in the 1st half is one of the best Super Bowl bets in 2021, but remains associated with some risk.


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super bwol wetten
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Will the chiefs save a half-time lead to the finish?

As already described above, the chiefs are a team that regularly ensures clear conditions early on.

Since they are overall the favorite in the Super Bowl odds, the bet on halftime / final result is an obvious one. You can find surprisingly good odds here at bwin, which promise a lot of value.

However, it should not be overlooked that an ingenious action by Tom Brady is usually enough to curb the euphoria on the opponent's side.

Half time / full time
Chiefs / Chiefs 2.20
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* Odds as of 7.2.2021, 10.00 a.m. | 18+ | Terms and conditions apply


Who will win the Super Bowl by how many points?

The big question is what kind of Super Bowl we will get in 2021. If there is the open exchange of blows expected by many experts, the Chiefs should have an advantage over the full 60 minutes.

Thus, the best bets on the Super Bowl would be about the point advantage at the end.

The handicap of -3.5 points ultimately only means that the Chiefs would achieve a victory with more than one field goal advantage.

Handicap game (incl. OT)
Kansas City Chiefs -3.5 2.05

* Betting odds as of 7.2.2021, 10.00 a.m. | 18+ | Terms and conditions apply

So let's look back at the past ten Super Bowls.

In nine of these ten NFL finals, the lead was more than 3.5 points in the end. Once in dramatic form, when the Patriots defeated the Falcons in overtime with 34:28 (2017).

The only game that was tighter took place in 2013. Here the Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers by exactly three points (34:31).


Chiefs vs. Bucs: forecast & betting tip


Best Super Bowl bets on the number of points

This bet has to be included and is, in our opinion, chosen quite conservatively.

When the quarterback giants Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady are on the field with their respective offensives, points are guaranteed.


Brady vs Mahomes: Season 2020/21 statistics at a glance

Statistics Tom Brady Patrick Mahomes
Wins 11 14
Yards Thrown 4633 4740
Touchdowns 40 38
Interceptions 12 6 || | 732
Passer Rating 102.2 108.2
Completion Percentage 65.7% 66.3%


Brady & Mahomes in check


On average, the Kansas City Chiefs averaged 29.6 points per game in the 2020/21 season plus playoffs - an excellent value. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers even beat this with an average of 30.7 points per game.

And also Super Bowl nervousness should not be a factor that speaks against many points in view of the experience of both teams and quarterbacks.

In addition, a Super Bowl bet on the total number of points in the game is an excellent alternative to tips on "Who will win the Super Bowl 2021".

Bet-at-home | || 834
Über/Unter Punkte
Over 56.5 points 1.94
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* Betting odds as of 7.2.2021, 10.00 a.m. | 18+ | T & Cs apply


Best Super Bowl bets with Brady comeback?

That the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would be in the Super Bowl at the end of the 2020/21 season, only very few expected. But the signature of six-time NFL champion Tom Brady turned out to be more important than expected.

Is the answer to the question "who will win the Super Bowl" actually Tom Brady? Will Brady manage to conjure up his seemingly magical abilities on the field again?

Especially late comebacks are after all a real specialty of the 43-year-old now.

4th quarter winner
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2.20

* Betting odds as of 3.2.2021, 5 p.m. | 18+ | T & Cs apply

The odds on a successful last quarter for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are high, but not too high.

As a reminder: Brady is 9th in the 4th Quarter Playoff Comebacks category and at the same time by far in 1. It is followed by Joe Montana with 5th

The youngest of these comebacks was against the New Orleans Saints, when the Bucs were back 13:20 just before the end of the third quarter.

Tom Brady's potential for a comeback should never be underestimated - not even against the supposedly best team in the NFL.


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