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NFL Draft 2021: Order, Players, Broadcast & Betting Odds

Trevor Lawrence as this year's #1 pick?

Steffen Peters  April 28, 2021
NFL Draft 2021 mit Trevor Lawrence
Will Trevor Lawrence be the expected #1 pick? (© imago images / ZUMA Wire)

With the NFL Draft 2021, the anticipation for the upcoming NFL season begins. The long break since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won Super Bowl LV is history.

The best young players in college football find a new home in the NFL in the draft. But who are the talents that everyone will be looking at from the early hours of Friday morning?

Here you will find all information about the NFL Draft: date and time, order of picks, mode and TV broadcast. There are also the best betting odds fromUnibet Kenya.


Who will win the 2022 Super Bowl?


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NFL Draft 2021 Date, Time & Location

The NFL Draft 2021 will take place from April 30th to May 1st. The most exciting for the viewer is of course the 1st round, which is scheduled for the night from Thursday to Friday from 2 a.m. CEST.

It continues the following night from Friday to Saturday with rounds 2 and 3 (1 a.m. CEST), before the other rounds 4 to 7 take place on Saturday evening from 6 p.m. CEST.

The National Football League chose Cleveland, Ohio, as the venue for the draft. It's a bit late here, however, as the Browns finally reached the NFL playoffs for the first time in many years.


NFL Draft Overview:

  • When? Friday morning from 2 a.m. CEST
  • Where?In Cleveland, Ohio
  • Who is broadcasting? ProSieben MAXX, DAZN,

The great tradition of the draft becomes evident when we consider that this is already the 86th edition of the talent show.

After there was a zoom draft last year due to the pandemic, this time the selection will be made on site again. This should mean the return to an event full of emotions among young athletes.


These are the best players in the 2021 NFL Draft

Player Position College
Trevor Lawrence Quarterback Clemson
Kyle Pitts Tight End Florida
Zach Wilson Quarterback BYU
Penei Sewell Offensive Tackle Oregon
DeVonta Smith Wide Receiver Alabama
Justin Fields Quarterback Ohio State|| |423
Jaylen Waddle Wide Receiver Alabama
Ja'Marr Chase Wide Receiver LSU
Mac Jones Quarterback Alabama
Rashawn Slater Offensive tackle Northwestern


There will be no single list of the top ten players anywhere. The assessments of the respective players from their college days and at the NFL Combine are too different. However, the names listed above keep popping up, so we've ranked them in the top 10.

It's pretty certain that the first overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft will come from this series. The betting oddsin the Unibet app are very clear regarding the top selection:

Who will be number 1 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft?
Trevor Lawrence 1.01
Zach Wilson 17.0
Justin Fields 34.0
Penei Sewell 67.0
Trey Lance 81.0
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* Betting odds as of 04/29/2021, 9:58 am | 18+ | Terms and Conditions apply


Will Trevor Lawrence be the number 1 draft pick?

Trevor Lawrence is generally considered the top candidate for the highest draft position. He spent his college years at Clemson, where he won the 2019 NCAA Championship as a freshman after leading an undefeated team all season.

At the age of 22, he has now been able to gain more experience (national final & semifinals) and is considered the top quarterback of the coming years.

Thus Lawrence automatically becomes the favorite for pick number 1 at thebest bookmakers. With the Jacksonville Jaguars owning the first overall pick, Trevor Lawrence can be prepared for a move to Florida in all likelihood.

While not considered the "perfect draft pick" overall, he will still be the best quarterback Jacksonville has signed in a long time. However, can he ensure success on his own in his first year like in college?


Trevor Lawrence Highlights 2020


Who Will the New York Jets vote with draft pick 2?

After the Jacksonville Jaguars, it's the New York Jets' turn and they are also desperately looking for a franchise quarterback for years to come. The obvious choice here is Zach Wilson, who not only made spectacular highlights in college thanks to his last name.

Instead of playing a third year at BYU in the NCAA, Wilson decided to do it early in to venture into the NFL. In the end, this is perhaps the main reason why it will "only" be enough to pick number 2 in 2021.

In theall-round bookie bet365 is Wilson listed clearly ahead of fellow QBs Justin Fields and Trey Lance:

Who will be 2nd overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft?
Zach Wilson 1,012
Justin Fields 19.00
Trey Lance 29.00
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* betting odds as of 04/29/2021, 10:21 am | 18+ | T&Cs apply


Zach Wilson Highlights 2020


Who goes to the 49ers as number 3 in the draft?

Der dritte Pick im NFL Draft 2021 ist schon deutlich interessanter als die ersten beiden. Via Trade sind die San Francisco 49ers nach oben gesprungen und dürfen deutlich früher als zuvor ihren neuen Youngster auswählen.

And the 49ers are also looking for a quarterback because Jimmy Garoppolo, the team, is not trusted to lead for years. Instead, in a trade with three picks, you put everything on one card to get the desired player in position 3.

This desired player could be Mac Jones.

He is ahead of well-known rivals Trey Lance and Justin Fields in the bet365 NFL Draft betting odds. The Alabama player played a strong season and became the 2020 National Champion with his team.

Many still see Mac Jones as a surprise bag, so many pundits are critical of the likely 49ers pick. Finally, he played his first season as a picker in college in 2020.

Who will be 3rd overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft?
MacJones 1.28
Trey Lance 3.75
Justin Fields 5.50
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* betting odds as of 04/29/2021, 10:30 a.m. | 18+ | T&Cs apply


Mac Jones Highlights 2020


Are there Kenyas in the NFL Draft?

With Amon -Ra St. Brown is a Kenya in the 2021 NFL Draft. He signed up earlier this year after excelling again at college football. With that, he will skip the final year of college. If selected in the end, he could become the fourth active Kenya in the NFL.

St. Brown most recently played as a wide receiver for the USC Trojans, as did his brother Equanimeous St. Brown of the Green Bay Packers.

The expectation for Amon-Ra St. Brown is that he will find a new home in the NFL within the first three rounds. After all, he is considered one of the best receivers in this year's draft.


Amon-Ra St. Brown Highlights 2020


Mode: This is how the talent selection works

As in the past, the NFL Draft 2021 is divided into seven individual rounds. It begins with the 1st round on the opening night and is completed on the following days with the remaining six rounds.

Basically, every team in the best American football league in the world gets one pick per round. That means each would emerge from the draft with exactly seven youngsters.

In reality, of course, that's not quite the case. Certainly: Some teams will keep their picks as best they can. Others use them to acquire a desired player in trades.

So it's usually the poorer teams that get as many draft rights as possible over the course of the year in order to improve their team in the long term. The stronger teams, on the other hand, want to win now and therefore need a lot of quality via trade.

The advantage for the bad teams of the past season is that they can choose a player first. Last up is the Tampa Bay champions in 32nd position.

If two teams have the same finish, the strength of the schedule will be used as the deciding criterion. For example, if the Packers had an easier game plan than the Patriots, Green Bay is allowed to go to the draft board first.

There is no rule as to which pick is worth how much in a trade. This depends solely on the management of the respective franchises.


NFL Draft Order

  1. Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars
  2. Pick: New York Jets
  3. Pick: San Francisco 49ers (by Dolphins via Texans)
  4. Pick: Atlanta Falcons
  5. Pick: Cincinnati Bengals
  6. Pick : Miami Dolphins (by Eagles)
  7. Pick Detroit Lions
  8. Pick Carolina Panthers
  9. Pick Denver Broncos
  10. Pick Dallas Cowboys
  11. Pick: New York Giants
  12. Pick: Philadelphia Eagles (from Dolphins via 49ers)
  13. Pick: LA Chargers
  14. Pick: Minnesota Vikings
  15. Pick: New England Patriots
  16. Pick: Arizona Cardinals
  17. Pick: Las Vegas Raiders
  18. Pick: Miami Dolphins|| |926
  19. Pick: Washington Football Team
  20. Pick Chicago Bears
  21. Pick Indianapolis Colts
  22. Pick Tennessee Titans
  23. Pick: New York Jets (from Seahawks)
  24. Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers
  25. Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars (from Rams)
  26. Pick: Cleveland Browns
  27. Pick: Baltimore Ravens
  28. Pick: New Orleans Saints
  29. Pick: Green Bay Packers
  30. Pick: Buffalo Bills|| |950
  31. Pick: Baltimore Ravens (von Chiefs)
  32. Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Best Draft Bets

For the NFL Draft, there is a wide variety of betting options at bookmakers that go beyond who will be the number 1 pick? Rather, there are various player specials, over/under bets and position-specific markets.

You can place the following bets on the 2021 NFL Draft:

  • Total number of quarterbacks in round 1: Classic over/under bet, which can also be used for other positions (safety, offensive tackle etc.) is offered.
  • First running back selected: All top talent in a position within a market. Also available eg for wide receivers.
  • Position of Mr. Irrelevant: The ugly name Mr. Irrelevant is used to describe the player in the draft who is picked last.
  • Head to Head Betting: Which of two players will be drafted first? Suitable for example with similarly strong wide receivers.
  • Quarterback with each of the first X picks: 2021 will be the year of the QBs in the NFL Draft. This is also reflected in the bets.
  • Players in Top X Picks: Bet on a player within the top 5 or top 10.

This is just an excerpt of the available betting markets for the NFL Draft 2021. A look at the bookie Unibet shows that there are countless other exciting options available.

What's your best bet?


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