present on the World Wide Web and the betting provider already has PayPal, a highly sought-after payment service provider, on offer. On top of that, payments with PayPal are free of charge at Bildbet.
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Sportwetten mit Paypal 2022 – Wettanbieter Einzahlung und Auszahlung

Bei welchen Wettanbietern Sie per PayPal einzahlen können

Christian Tichy  January 3, 2022

An overview of the top betting providers with PayPal payment in Kenya, Austria and Switzerland.

Everything about payment service providers and sports betting providers who accept PayPal.

All betting companies with PayPal 2022

Bet-at-home | || 368

Test report Bets


200EUR / USD
Test report Bets


Test report Bets


100EUR / USD
Test report Bets


100EUR / USD
Test report Bets


88 or 100EUR / USD
Test report Bets


100EUR / USD
Test report Bets


130EUR / USD
Test report Bets


100EUR / USD
Test report Bets


100 EUR / USD
Test report Bets


50 EUR / USD
Test report Bets


180EUR / USD
Test report Bets
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Paypal has been a popular payment method for many years, not only when shopping online, but also when placing sports bets.

Although more and more betting providers are making it possible to process payments in this way, not all online sports betting providers offer Paypal deposits and withdrawals.

Wettanbieter Paypal
imago images / Steinach

Popular betting providers that accept PayPal


At Bet-at-Home können Kunden PayPal sowohl fuer Ein- als auch Auszahlungen verwenden, ohne dass hierbei Gebühren anfallen. 

100 EUR / USD bonus at Bet-at-home

18+ | Note the terms and conditions


Although AdmiralBet is a new betting provider, Bookie offers PayPal as a payment option. This cannot be taken for granted, as it is well known that the US payment service provider only works with selected, mostly well-established companies. However, AdmiralBet has the advantage of being able to refer to an established gaming company in the background with the Austro group Novomatic.

200 EUR / USD bonus at Admiralbet

18+ | Pay attention to the terms and conditions


Bei Bet365 is a very well-known bookmaker who can also score points when it comes to payment methods. This provider offers its customers the option of making deposits and withdrawals using PayPal. There are no fees. Unfortunately, tipsters from Austria do not have access to the PayPal offer.

100 EUR / USD betting credits at Bet365

18+ | Note the terms and conditions


Even with Bwin it is possible to use PayPal without any fees. This applies to both deposits and withdrawals. The minimum deposit amount is 10 euros. Before you can use this method, you need a Paypal account, just like with all other providers, which you have to create in advance.

100 EUR / USD bonus from Bwin

18+ | Pay attention to the terms and conditions


If you intend to settle your bets with the help of PayPal, then this is not possible with Betway without further possible. The payment with PayPal works immediately, so that the money appears directly on the customer account. However, it may take a while for withdrawals.

100 EUR / USD bonus from Betway

18+ | Pay attention to the terms and conditions


With Betano Kenya customers can deposit and withdraw with PayPal. This has the advantage that you don't have to reveal any bank details, but the only thing you have to have is a PayPal account and you can make deposits and withdrawals. There are no fees for using PayPal.

130 EUR / USD bonus from Betano

18+ | Note the terms and conditions


Since autumn 2021, Neobet PayPal has finally been offering in its payment portfolio. When paying in via PayPal, the credits are made immediately. The minimum deposit with this payment option is 10 EUR / USD. The maximum deposit amount is set at 5,000 EUR / USD.

Payouts via PayPal have to be waited for on average between one and three days. The minimum payout amount is 20 EUR / USD and the maximum amount that can be paid out with this e-wallet is limited to 20,000 EUR / USD. There are no fees for deposits or withdrawals with PayPal.

50 EUR / USD bonus from Neobet

18+ | Note the terms and conditions


With Tipico it is possible to deposit and withdraw with PayPal. In order to be able to use Tipico, the customer must first create a PayPal account. The deposit is then promptly reflected on the customer account without incurring any fees.

How does PayPal work?

PayPal is the company of the same name that operates the online payment service and was founded in 1998 in San José, California would.

The online payment company is listed on the stock exchange and is primarily used for online shopping. So it is a so-called eWallet, with which you can conveniently pay in and withdraw from your bank account without having to disclose sensitive bank details.

Today almost 200 million people use PayPal and that in over 100 different currencies.

Accordingly, the PayPal deposit has become indispensable in the sports betting area.

Not least because PayPal is one of the safest payment methods. This is mainly due to buyer protection, so users should have absolutely no concerns when using this method.

Which betting providers can pay in with Paysafecard?
Sports betting with Paysafecard - guide

If PayPal is available, it can be used as a payment method in the checkout area to be chosen.

If you don't have a PayPal account yet, you have to create one beforehand.

After you have entered the amount, you can make the payment by being forwarded to the payment provider and confirming the payment using your email address and password.

PayPal only works with reputable providers. Accordingly, the bookmakers must meet strict requirements in order to be able to offer PayPal as a payment method.

The offer of PayPal at the bookmaker can consequently also be seen as a kind of quality feature in terms of seriousness.

Demand Bookmaker Paypal Fees?

When paying in or out, various payment methods may incur fees.

When using PayPal, there are usually no charges. In the end, that depends on the bookmaker and whether they charge processing fees or not.

Top up PayPal account - this is how it works

If you decide to use PayPal as a means of payment, you must first create a PayPal account. After this has happened, you can top up your PayPal account as follows:

  1. Variant: Bank transfer

You can use the bank details provided by PayPal and transfer it conveniently from your bank account. It usually takes two to three working days for the money to reflect on the PayPal account.

  1. Variant: Giropay

Here you simply follow the instructions from PayPal. The credit should be available immediately.

With Sports betting with Paypal deposit make

  1. Choose the payment method Paypal aus. Solltest du noch kein Paypal Konto besitzen, so musst du das natürlich zuerst anlegen. 
  2. Enter the amount you want to deposit into your customer account. You will then be redirected to PayPal so that you can confirm the deposit.
  3. After you have confirmed the payment, you will be directed back to the sports betting provider. The amount should now be available in your account.
paypal 888sport
All payment methods at the betting company 888Sport are also available in the 888 Sport App.

With theWettanbieter Paypal Auszahlung request

In principle, the payout with Paypal works exactly like the deposit, whereby you should note that the money will only appear on your Paypal account after a few hours.

A payout with PayPal can only take place if you have already used PayPal for your deposits.

It is also advisable that your PayPal account has the same name as the customer account and the show the same e-mail addresses; this is the only way to guarantee a smooth process.

Is there a Sports Betting Paypal Bonus?

The normal Bonus steht dir auch zur Verfügung, wenn du Paypal als Zahlungsmethode verwenden möchtest.

This is different than if you were to deposit with Skrill and Neteller, because at Most of the time, you cannot claim the bonus with these payment methods.

When using Paypal, none of this is a problem and there are even special Paypal bonus promotions from time to time.

So there was also Admiralbet an exclusive PayPal bonus campaign from which customers could benefit.

The best bonus offers from betting providers with PayPal

  1. Bet365 🥇 100EUR / USD betting credits
  2. AdmiralBet 🥈 200 EUR / USD bonus
  3. Bet-at-home 🥉 100EUR / USD bonus
  4. Bet3000 ⭐ 100 EUR / USD Bonus
  5. Betway ⭐ 100 EUR / USD Bonus

Advantages of sports betting deposits with PayPal

Simple and uncomplicated

Die Einfachheit besteht darin, dass E-Mail Adresse und Passwort ausreichen, um mit PayPal zu zahlen. Nach dem Auswählen der Zahlungsmethode loggt sich der Kunde in sein Konto ein und kann damit sofort die Transaktion in Gang setzen.

The betting provider receives the money immediately, which can then be used directly. This can be done on a PC, as well as on tablets or smartphones.

High security thanks to buyer protection

The security results from the fact that the transfer is not made directly from the bank account. The customer has deposited their bank details with PayPal, so they do not have to make them public directly with the respective provider.

It is also particularly convenient because PayPal is available online with any number of other services. PayPal also has buyer protection.

If something goes wrong with the payment, this protection can be used. In the event of a conflict, the customer is not only dependent on the service of the betting provider.

In addition, there is the trust and advocacy of almost 200 million users.

Versatile use

Since Paypal is also accepted by many web shops, tipsters who have set up a Paypal account can also use it on a variety of other websites.

Often you have already used PayPal in advance and therefore already have an account; Obviously, this should also be used for sports betting, if available.

Disadvantages of sports betting deposit with PayPal

Limited availability

Unfortunately, by far not all betting providers have Paypal. One reason for this is the strict guidelines of the payment service provider.

That doesn't necessarily have to do with the bookies' lack of seriousness; The very fact that a betting provider is new can already be an exclusion criterion.

Apart from that, it is not worthwhile for every bookmaker to offer PayPal payments, as many customers already have a credit card or make payments via bank transfer or claim transfer.

Not always free of charge

The transaction via PayPal is not free of charge with every provider. It is therefore always worthwhile to look up the exact conditions before a payment is commissioned.

When it comes to the minimum amounts for deposits and withdrawals, PayPal is not always the most "tipper-friendly".

Wettanbieter Paypal ohne Steuer

For some time now there has been a so-called betting tax that bookmakers have to pay if they want to offer their betting offer in Kenya.

In 2012 online sports betting Paypal were obliged to pay the 5% betting tax due to the State Treaty on Gambling.

It is therefore relatively difficult to find a sports betting provider Paypal where it is still possible to play without betting tax.

Wir haben uns aber dennoch für dich online umgeschaut und stellen dir hier ein paar Wettanbieter Paypal ohne Steuer vor. 


100EUR / USD
Test report Bets


100 EUR / USD
Test report Bets

New bookmakers with PayPal

New bookmakers with PayPal are relatively rare. This is because PayPal only partners with established betting providers.

It is all the more surprising that Admiralbet offers PayPal as a payment method.

Admiralbet is a new bookmaker.

The betting provider is a well-known brand in Austria due to the parent company Admiral and is also a giant betting shop.

So it's understandable why Paypal works with Admiralbet.


    100% first deposit bonus up to 200EUR / USD

    Secure bonus
    • 18+
    • Terms and Conditions apply

In addition, Mybet is one of the new betting providers where you can pay with PayPal.

Tipwin is a new betting provider with PayPal

In addition to Admiralbet, with Tipwin there was another betting provider with PayPal in 2020. There are no fees for deposits with PayPal at Tipwin. The minimum deposit is 10 EUR / USD. A maximum of 5000 EUR / USD can be deposited.

The greatest strength of the bookmaker with PayPal are football bets. A wide selection with good betting odds make for an excellent overall football package. Tipwin is currently only available in Kenya.

Bildbet starts the new year with PayPal for sports betting!

The bookmaker has only been Bildbet im World Wide Web präsent und schon jetzt hat der Wettanbieter mit PayPal einen heiß begehrten Zahlungsdienstleister im Angebot. Obendrauf sind die Einzahlungen mit PayPal gebührenfrei bei Bildbet.

There is another advantage with the payment limits. If you pay with PayPal at Bildbet, the minimum deposit amount is just 5 EUR / USD. The minimum payout amount is also 5 EUR / USD.

Bildbet currently only offers sports betting in Kenya.

  1. Picture bed

    100EUR / USD risk-free bet

    Secure bonus
    • 18+
    • Terms and Conditions apply

Sports betting PayPal limits at the individual betting providers

Betting providers Minimum deposit
Bet365 ** 15.00 EUR / USD
Sportingbet 10.00 EUR / USD || | 1978
Bet-at-home 10.00 EUR / USD
Bwin 10.00 EUR / USD
Betano 15.00 EUR / USD
Bet3000 10.00 EUR / USD
Betway50,00 EUR/USD
AdmiralBet 20.00 EUR / USD
Tipwin **10,00 EUR/USD
Neobet 10.00 EUR / USD
888Sport 10.00 EUR / USD
Bildbet ** 5.00 EUR / USD

Status: January 2022

** only from DE
All information without guarantee! Do you notice something that we forgot or did we misrepresent something? Then get in touch and we will fix it promptly. Thank you very much

Bei welchen Wettanbietern lässt sich via Skrill einzahlen?
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Wettanbieter Paypal und Cashout

Betting providers Paypal, who offer Paypal as a payment method, not only support deposits, but also withdrawals. A cashout works in a few steps, but you should definitely note that you can only withdraw with PayPal if you have also paid in with PayPal beforehand.

PayPal bookmaker for Austria?

At You can choose the PayPal betting provider for Austria from Bet-at-Home and Admiral and others. The advantage here is that you can use your PayPal account in Austria to deposit or withdraw from the respective provider with PayPal and then place your bets with PayPal.

Kenya betting providers with PayPal?

There are various betting providers that accept PayPal in Kenya. These include Bet365 and Bet-at-home, but also many others that can be found in our ranking. Like the traditional Kenya bookmaker Bet3000.

Does PayPal only apply to sports betting?

For a few months it has been that the PayPal sports betting terms and conditions have changed with regard to deposits. Because it is the case that Paypal deposits can only be used for sports betting with the Paypal offer. Should the provider make other games and offers available, these are excluded.

Are betting providers reputable without PayPal?

PayPal is one of the indicators that the betting provider is reputable. However, there are also bookmakers who deliberately refrain from including PayPal in their offer, as there is the option of paying by credit card or other methods. It is often difficult for new betting providers to offer PayPal as the payment provider only works with established companies.

What limits are there with PayPal bets?

The betting limits with PayPal are often relatively low in comparison. This is because PayPal rarely works with betting providers. Often the upper limit for PayPal bets is 1,000 to 1,500 euros.

How fast does PayPal pay out?

It can be assumed that deposits made with PayPal are reflected directly on the customer account. However, this is different with withdrawals.

Because these can be a long time coming. With most PayPal providers, it can even take several days for the money to appear on the account. The mistake is not to be found with PayPal, but with the betting providers.

These often have long processing times, which leads to the delay.

But every now and then it happens that the winnings are already reflected on the account after a few hours. This is especially important in today's competition between the individual betting providers.