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Super Bowl MVP 2021: betting odds, favorites and forecast

Who will be the most valuable player?

Philipp Stottan | || 268   February 7, 2021
Super Bowl MVP 2021
Will Patrick Mahomes become the Super Bowl MVP 2021? (Credit: IMAGO / Icon SMI)

American football is of course a team sport and therefore only those who can lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy at the end really count.

But, as in any sport, personal success counts in the NFL, which is why one of the most important questions is: Who will be Super Bowl MVP 2021?

MVP stands for Most Valuable Player Player who contributed the most to the success of his team. It is an award that every player would like to find in their personal trophy cabinet.

Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady know the Pete Rozelle Trophy particularly well. First as last year's winner, the other as record winner (4). They are considered top favorites for this award, but there are also players with outsider chances.


Betting odds: Who will be Super Bowl MVP 2021?

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Patrick Mahomes 1.85
Tom Brady 2.85
Travis Kelce 10.0
Tyreek Hill 12.0
Leonard Fournette 30.0
Chris Godwin 30.0
Mike Evans 30.0
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There are few team sports in which the focus of the offensive game is naturally so concentrated on one player as in American football.

The quarterback is the be-all and end-all of a team and therefore it is not surprising that they usually have the edge in the MVP elections - and so it will be in the duel between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Buccaneers in the Super Bowl LV.

This effect will be reinforced in the election for the Super Bowl MVP 2021, because in this final with Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady are two of the best in their class to choose from. Not even the other top players can even come close to keeping up with the betting odds of the two

The favorite for the Super Bowl MVP 2021 is Patrick Mahomes. Plain and simple, because the Kansas City Chiefs have been seen as the clear favorite to win the Super Bowl since the beginning of the season.


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The competitor of the currently best quarterback is none other than possibly the best quarterback of all time: Tom Brady.

He's playing in the Super Bowl for the 10th time. In his previous 9 Super Bowl appearances he was awarded four times as Super Bowl MVP with six wins.

Nevertheless, he has to face the best offensive in the league, which is why his MVP rate is falling quite a bit. However, the fate of the election will not be due solely to Brady's achievements.

Because it is something of an unwritten law that the winner of the Pete Rozelle Trophy comes from the ranks of the winning team - for now, that was it not the case. So that means, should the Bucs triumph, Brady has good cards for the Super Bowl MVP 2021.


Brady & Mahomes in statistics comparison

Category (Regular Season) Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs) Tom Brady (Buccaneers)
Games 15 16
Touchdowns 40 1
Yards 4,740 4,633 || | 500
Completion% 66.33 65.74
Interceptions 6 12
Sacks 22 21
Passer Rating 108.2 102.2


Comparison of the giants of Brady & Mahomes


At what level the two QBs are on the way, but also shows their increase towards the playoffs. Because both Mahomes and Brady have shown again what kind of stuff they are made of.

The Chiefs playmaker has in his two Post Season Games - Divisional Round against the Cleveland Browns and in the Conference Championship against the Buffalo Bills - four touchdowns and no interception produced. In this form, the 25-year-old is unlikely to be stopped.

Tom Brady had a higher output in his three playoff games, namely seven touchdowns. However, there were three interceptions against the Packers alone and only with luck they did not lead to points. With those achievements, the Super Bowl MVP 2021 would be a long way off.

super bowl mvp 2021


Super Bowl MVP 2021: Who has outsider chances?

Even if the quarterbacks in the NFL in general, as well as Mahomes and Brady in particular, play an extremely dominant role, it cannot be ruled out that other players will make their mark.

This applies to the offense as well as the defense. However, the latter has very little chance, but with wide receivers or tight ends things are different.

Two of the most impressive players in the last two seasons are Mahome's favorite weapons Tyrek Hill and Travis Kelce, who hold the odds lead behind the QBs for the Super Bowl MVP 2021 election. But Brady's arrows Leonard Fournette and Mike Evans should not be underestimated either.


Kelce, Hill Fournette & Evans in statistics comparison

Category (Regular Season) Travis Kelce (Chiefs) Tyreek Hill (Chiefs) Mike Evans (Buccaneers) Leonard Fournette (Buccaneers) || | 581
Spiele 15 15 16 13
Touchdowns 11 15 13 6
Yards (Receiving) 1,416 1,276 1,006 233
yards (rushing) - 123 || | 623 367
First Downs 79 57 55 21
Fumbles - 0 - 0


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Their statistics already show that all four can be expected on the topic of Super Bowl MVP 2021.

Above all Kelce and Hill, where it was already clearly visible against the Bills how much Damage they can cause and how much Mahomes trusts them.

Among the betting providers they are also the most important candidates for the Super Bowl MVP 2021, with a respectful distance to the QBs.

Mike Evans on the Tampa Bay side has already scored two touchdowns in the playoffs alone, which underlines how much he can be expected. Brady is also known for finding his receivers unerringly.

Leonard Fournette was not able to draw attention to himself in the regular season as he would have liked. Since then he has been at the top level, he managed two touchdowns against the Packers.


Super Bowl MVP since 2010 by position

Super Bowl (year) | || 685 MVP Position
Super Bowl LIV (2020) Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs) Quarterback
Super Bowl LIII (2019) Julian Edelman (New England Patriots) Wide Receiver
Super Bowl LII (2018) | || 711 Nick Foles (Philadelphia Eagles) Quarterback
Super Bowl LI (2017) Tom Brady (New England Patriots) Quarterback
Super Bowl 50 (2016) By Miller (Denver Broncos) Line Backer
Super Bowl XLIX (2015) Tom Brady (New England Patriots) Quarterback
Super Bowl XLVIII (2014) Malcolm Smith (Seattle Seahawks ) Linebacker
Super Bowl XLVII (2013) Joe Flacco (Baltimore Ravens) Quarterback
Super Bowl XLVI (2012) Eli Manning (New York G iants) Quarterback
Super Bowl XLV (2011) Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers) Quarterback
Super Bowl XLIV (2010) Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints) Quarterback


Super Bowl MVP

|| | 788

So wird der Super Bowl MVP 2021 bestimmt

First of all, a matter of course, but still important information: Only the performance in the Super Bowl counts. A separate MVP is determined for the season itself. This is mainly selected by a jury.

This consists exclusively of media representatives and used to have all the power to make decisions. That has changed in the meantime.

Because by voting on the Internet, the NFL fans themselves have a voice that is heard. However, only 20 percent of the voting goes on their cap, the rest remains with the jury.


Special Super Bowl MVP 2021 bets possible

Every now and then it even happens that a defense player is named MVP. Twice in the last ten years, as the overview shows.

Bet-at-home, which are known for curious and unusual Super Bowl bets, all defensive players are even under one Quota summarized.

A spectacle of the offensive can be expected at the Super Bowl 2021, but here, too, a defensive giant can make the difference.

MVP Super Bowl Bet by position
Quarterback 1.33
Wide receiver 5.50
Running back 9.00
Tight end 11.0
Linebacker 13.0
Kicker 67.0
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* Odds as of 02/04/2021, 3 p.m. Information provided without guarantee. The quotas are subject to ongoing adjustments and may have changed in the meantime. 18+ | Note the terms and conditions!

In addition, as mentioned, a bet can also be placed on other options.

For example at Unibet, who offer odds of 51.00 for a Super Bowl MVP 2021 bet on a player on the losing team.


Super Bowl MVP 2021 Wetten

For those Super Bowl MVP 2021 bets, a look at the positions of the previous winners is also suitable

Not surprisingly, they are Quarterbacks ahead by a wide margin. A total of 30 Super Bowl MVPs go to the playmakers. Tom Brady is responsible for four of them.

Behind them are the wide receivers and running backs with seven wins each. Tight ends, which are one of the most important positions nowadays, have not yet received a single vote.

Linebackers hold four MVPs, defensive end and safety at least two. Cornerbacks, defensive tackles and kick returner at least each with an MVP.


Prediction for the Super Bowl MVP 2021: Who will win?

Predictions for a single player choice should always be treated with caution, because there are so many factors act on it - above all the victory of the respective team.

However, it looks like the devil is going to have to go if neither of the two quarterbacks are elected to the Super Bowl MVP 2021.

In addition, Mahomes and Brady, two of the most dominant playmakers of the last few years and decades, meet. The game system of their teams is also tailored to them and emphasizes their strengths. So it speaks more than ever for a quarterback as Super Bowl MVP 2021.

The outsider chances of Kelce, Hill or Evans are of course not to be disregarded. The focus of the game will continue to be on them and it is possible that they will land the decisive touchdown to victory. But there is no way around the two QBs.


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