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Nipplegate, Blackout Bowl & Co. - The greatest Super Bowl scandals of all time

From the first Super Bowl touchdown to the Porn scandal

Nipplegate - one of the biggest Super Bowl scandals in NFL history. (© IMAGO / Icon SMI)

Super Bowl scandals are just as old as the final of the NFL championship itself.

The list of upsets and mishaps during and around the Super Bowl is long and varied.

Before Super Bowl 2021 have picked out the 8 biggest Super Bowl scandals for you - from Nipplegate to a power failure to a drunk wide receiver. | || 282

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The biggest Super Bowl scandal halftime show: Nipplegate

It's the elephant in the room, a sports scandal that is unparalleled and one that has hit the TV Would change the landscape in the US forever. The excitement is so great that it has been given its own name: Nipplegate.

Since the Watergate affair in 1974, major scandals in the USA have been given a "-gate". Half-time at Super Bowl XXXVIII 2004 had earned the appendage, because prudish America was shocked.

During the last song "Rock your body", Justin Timberlake tore his stage partner Janet Jackson 'unintentionally' - like it was called for a long time - part of the costume off. A nipple and jewelry could be seen, although supposedly not prepared.

The TV station immediately showed an aerial photo, but the damage was done.

MTV was never allowed to stage a half-time show again and since then Super Bowls, but also other major events, have been broadcast with a five-second delay in order to give the station scope in the event of a scandal.

By the way, Tom Brady won his second of six Super Bowls


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Barrett Robbins - one of the unknown Super Bowl scandals

A not so well known scandal in and around Super Bowl XXXVII, i.e. only one year before the Nipplegate, is a very tragic one. It is about the former star center Barrett Robbins.

Robbins team, the Oakland Raiders were in the NFL final of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - in their last Super Bowl up to the 2021 against the Kansas City Chiefs - opposite to. The now 47-year-old was not to be found in the week before the game, but turned up in a hospital the night before to have already won the SB and therefore flew to Tijuana, Mexico. The team tried everything to get him fit, including running exercises in a parking lot, but it didn't help.

Grund hierfür: Robbins brachte seine Medikamente gegen Despression durcheinander, bildete sich im folgenden Wahn ein die SB bereits gewonnen zu haben und flog deshalb nach Tijuana, Mexiko. Das Team probierte alles ihn fit zu bekommen, inklusive Laufübungen auf einem Parkplatz, aber es half nichts.

The center didn't play and his team went down mercilessly at 21:48.

Later he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and in the coming season he was banned from taking steroids. To this day Robbins has problems with the law.

Is it going to be legendary again?

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One-handed and drunk to the first Super Bowl touchdown ever

This story of wide receiver Max McGee in the very first Super Bowl proves that Super Bowl scandals are part of the event in 1967.

Believing that he didn't play a role anyway, the Packers player decided to pour himself in a lot the day before.

He is said to have even asked starter Boyd Dowler not to injure himself because he was not in good shape himself.


Highlights: Max McGee in Super Bowl I

Video: Max McGee with a Super Bowl all-time classic (source: Youtube / NFL)

It only took until the second drive and Dowler actually injured his shoulder. McGee had to step in with residual alcohol in his blood and even borrow Dowler's helmet because he had forgotten his own.

But this scandal turned into a success story: Only a short time later he caught the passport of his quarterback with one hand, shook it Defender and ran for the very first touchdown in a Super Bowl ever.

In the end, McGee had another touchdown, the Packers won 35:10 against the Chiefs.

A bankruptcy that Patrick Mahomes and Co. want to prevent at the Super Bowl 2021 ...


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The hymn scandal by Christina Aguilera

Many Super Bowl scandals were not of a sporting nature, but took place during the show program. One of the most famous blunders ever. This happened to an otherwise sovereign superstar like Christina Aguilera.

It is tradition for a star to sing the US anthem before kick-off. In 2011 at Super Bowl XLV it was five-time Grammy winner Christina Aguilera. But even years of experience do not protect against mistakes.

The second stanza of the national anthem had been omitted, which is why she simply repeated the first part.

A faux pas that plunged the patriotic USA into a national rage. Fortunately, this did not affect Aguilera's career. In sporting terms, the Packers had the upper hand over the Steelers at 31:25.


Super Bowl excitement: Why not just Marshawn Lynch?

It's less of a super Bowl scandals as simply the worst move in history. The year is 2004 or Super Bowl XLIX. The reigning champion Seattle Seahawks meets Tom Brady's New England Patriots.

In addition to the "Legion of Boom" and quarterback Russell Wilson, one man in particular was the star: Marshawn Lynch.

The running back was known for two things: Do not give interviews and slide through opposing defensive lines like a warm knife through butter.


Highlights of the crazy Super Bowl Patriots vs. Seahawks

Video: The highlights of the Super Bowl XLIX between Patriots and Seahawks. (Source: Youtube / NFL)

So against the Patriots that evening 102 yards in 24 attempts speak a clear language. However, one yard from the end zone, Seattle decided not to give him the ball, but to throw it.

Long story short: Malcolm Butler intercepted the ball and the Pats with Tom Brady won 28:24 and thus another Super Bowl….


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The Super Bowl porn scandal

" Sex sells ”is a well-known saying, but it can also bring you to jail.

This is what happened with Frank Tanori Gonzalez after Super Bowl XLIII. He was a former service provider from Comcast, who broadcast the Super Bowl in the Tuscon area.

After a touchdown in the last quarter, porn was shown there for around 30 seconds, which was smuggled in by Gonzalez.

As a result, Comcast paid ten dollars in compensation for people who had seen the sequence, Gonzalez himself was sentenced years later to a three-year suspended sentence.

From a sporting point of view, the 2009 final went to the Pittsburgh Steelers, who got the upper hand over the Arizona Cardinals with 27:23.


Power failure causes game change: The Blackout Bowl

Yes, the Americans love it To give events a special name.

In this case the catchy name: Blackout Bowl. The incident here is anticipated by the name.

Super Bowl XLVII had previously been given a different name, namely "Brother Bowl" or "HarBowl" because the two coach brothers Jim (49ers) and John Harbaugh (Ravens) competed against each other. But what happened in the game trumped this story.

Shortly before the end of the third quarter, all lights in the Superdome went out for almost 40 minutes. A faux pas that almost led to an even bigger sensation. At this point in time, Baltimore was already leading with 28: 6.

The returned electricity electrified the 49ers in particular, who started a crazy run. Colin Kaepernick, at the height of his sporting creativity, led his team to a final sprint with 23 points. With a field goal four minutes before the end and clever time management, the Ravens retained the upper hand with 34:31.



Scandals before Super Bowl: Spygate all about Tom Brady & Co.

Stories about the NFL, of course the New England Patriots should not be missing.

How big this Super Bowl scandal is, shows again the already known ending "-gate". Although this excitement took place in the run-up to the finals, it led Tom Brady into just that.

Because the season was already overshadowed by the fact that the Patriots had filmed their opponents and deciphered their signals. Filming opponents is only allowed under certain circumstances that have not been followed. Coach Bill Belichik was fined $ 500,000, his franchise at least half.

That is probably one of the reasons why they won 16 out of 16 games this season, but karma caught up with them.

It should be Tom Brady's first Super Bowl defeat and the big sensation when the New York Giants around MVP Eli Manning got the upper hand with 17:14. On this day in 2008, all of NFL America held on to the Giants.


Super Bowl 2021 without scandals?

At Super Bowl LV, the NFL is not hoping for any Another scandal and so far nothing has come to light.

Due to the Covid situation, this season and with it the Super Bowl will have its own place in the history books anyway.

In the final even against Patrick Mahomes and his Kansas City Chiefs as clear favorite in the game. Tom Brady and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers should not be underestimated, even if the odds clearly speak against the underdog.


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