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Sports betting strategies part 2

Every sports bettor has his own strategies for winning bets.

Hier sollen verschiedene Arten, wie Sie Ihr Wettguthaben vermehren, vorgestellt werden.

You are cordially invited to tell us your strategy on how to win in football bets (or bets on other sports), which we will then use here (anonymously if desired).

Please send a message to [email protected]!

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Note: NO strategy can guarantee a sure win. So always bet responsibly!

Sports betting strategies submitted so far (part 2):

Sports betting strategy Author
Over / Under betting strategy Jürgen K.
NBA basketball long-term betting strategy Marcus
Volleyball live betting 5th setBernd
Live betting strategy at Bwin Adrian
Sports betting strategy collection (6 strategies) Mr Hegener | || 297
Formel 1 Wetten-Strategie Martin
Over / Under strategies, goal bets, calculation system Tobi
Betting with statistics pages (Estimations) Hisn
Sports betting with Poisson distribution Thomas
System betting strategy Christian
Betting on the first 5 teams in the league Hans-Holger
Bookmaker exploit bonus promotions Michael | || 311
Optimale Nutzung von Wettbonus-Angeboten Milk Belly
Combination bets with high odds Rene
Wettsystem Halbzeit-Endstand Tim
Combination bets with 1 low and 2 high odds Bubirator
7 or 8 games - Combination and system bets Martin
Outsider tips in system betting slips Alper
Over / Under bets and live || | 324 Erwin
Over / Under, observing tactics, tennis betting Marko
Betting with predictions - tips with multiple bets Markus Müller
Secure single bets Rene
System betting strategy Andre
Strategy: 3rd Banks + 1 out of 19 HC0 Ergin
Over and under betting strategy Jan
Strategy: 2 out of 3 - 1x over 2x draw Theo
Betting on early goals Maike
Betting against late goals Matthias
Intelligent half time / full time betting Jan
Volleyball live betting strategy Sascha
Europa League second leg bets after a clear first leg Great tips
Combination bets on high favorites Marc Oliver
3 von 7 Sports betting system Irnis
Late live betting ice hockey and handball Raik
X bets on draw specialists Paul
Football Bundesliga tips according to the type of player Andreas
Live betting on outsiders on betting exchanges Christian G .
Favorite bets - early back, then lay Leo
Tie bets with progression Sascha
Halbzeit/Endstand Wetten auf Betfair Sebastian
besser wetten in 7 Tagen

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