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Sports betting strategies part 3

Every sports bettor has his own strategies for winning bets.

Hier sollen verschiedene Arten, wie Sie Ihr Wettguthaben vermehren, vorgestellt werden.

You are cordially invited to share your strategy for winning football bets (or bets on other sports), which we will then use here ( on request, of course also anonymously).

Please send a message to [email protected]!

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Note: NO strategy can guarantee a sure profit. So always bet responsibly!

Sports betting strategies submitted so far (part 3):

Sports betting strategy Author
Over / Under bets with odds around 1.70 Mario
Handicap bets draw Rome
Basketball handicap bets live || | 292 Stefan
Strategy: The odds of 2 Steven
A favorite win (Bayern) plus a draw Nanninger || | 297
Basketball-Wetten-Strategie Marc
Basketball spreads Thomas Becker
Outsider tips and more || | 302 Kai
Selection criteria for soccer bets Andreas
Snooker bets Live surebets Chris
Betting on underdogs with winning streaks Semir
NBA basketball betting Hannes
Outsider tipsBär
NBA basketball betting Baltens
Last Minute Football Betting Rene
Bet against a tie || | 318 Michael
Tennis bets au f 2: 1 sentences Markus
Rules of thumb in sports betting Jonas
Betting on the half-time result for a drawMarek
Live betting on goals that will fall Erich
Betting on length of stoppage time / late goals Oliver
Tie bets in local derbies Edin
Tie in handball bets Thorsten
Bets at the beginning of the season and more Martin
Combination bets with favorites Steffen
Tie bets in France 2nd division Thomas || | 339
Auf Außenseiter und X setzen Michael
Tennis live betting strategy Savio
NHL Lay Away but after Road Streak Ice Hockey Bets Florian
Bet technique against combination bets (Lay on Betfair)Alexander
Profit progression and loss compensation Stefan
Profit doubling with Featured Match (Youwin) Stephan
Summe der Tore-Wetten mit Lay auf Wettbörsen Ivan
Lay on betting exchanges Maik
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