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2. Bundesliga Tipps

In the category 2. Bundesliga tips you will find detailed predictions and forecasts for2. Liga in Kenya. On every match day, the betting base Expert betting tips on HSV, Werder Bremen, Schalke, Düsseldorf, Kiel, St. Pauli & Co.


Video: "Both feet" with Carsten Fuß, Ingo Anderbrügge & Marcel Niesner delivers 2nd league tips for the 18th matchday. (Source: YouTube / suresportpesajackpot)


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Betting tips today | January 11, 2022

Match / start time Betting tip Odds
Equatorial Guinea
Ivory Coast

01/12/2022, 8:00 p.m.
2/2 1.8

01/11/2022, 5:00 p.m.
no 1.61
Sierra Leone

11.01.2022, 14:00
Algeria scores in both halves 1.8

01/11/2022, 20:45
yes 1.7

01/11/2022, 8:45 PM
home 2.05

11.01.2022, 21:00
Result: 1: 1 8.25

Typing the Bundesliga correctly - This is how it works

Typing the 2nd Bundesliga correctly is a very difficult one Matter. Because in the House of Commons things are regularly down to business, especially since seasoned Bundesliga players "get lost" in the 2nd division and the competition is correspondingly greater.

In view of well-known clubs such as Schalke, HSV or Werder Bremen sports tipsters may be tempted to concentrate on these former Bundesliga clubs when making their 2nd division tips, but the games of these clubs are not a sure thing either.

2. Bundesliga Tipps Schalke
How is Schalke doing in the lower house? You can find all tips for the 2. Bundesliga on a betting basis. © IMAGO / Sven Simon, 08/28/2021

A look at the 2nd league table makes it clear how difficult it is for declared favorites to be sometimes. The last few years have repeatedly resulted in big surprises.

So that sports tippers don't have to be too surprised, the betting base has been providing in the 2nd Bundesliga tips category || for many years | 1622 zu jedem einzelnen Spiel eine fundierte Prognose, mit allen relevanten Statistiken und Daten sowie den besten Wettquoten.

The best bookmakers for 2. Bundesliga forecasts


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Our experts shed light on every important aspect in order to support our readers in their search for the right 2nd division tips. We don't want to claim that we are always correct, but at least our professional tips provide a very good basis for reducing the knowledge advantage that betting providers have.

There is no 100 percent guarantee of success in sports betting , even if some sites on the web claim that it is. With the 2. Bundesliga tips from the experienced betting base authors, however, the chances of placing successful betting tips increase.

In our experience, some strategies and basics have proven themselves. If you take note of these, no winnings are guaranteed either, but the chances of success can be improved.

How 2nd league works: 7 tips for successful 2nd Bundesliga bets

  1. Acquire expert knowledge: | || 1894 Das große Plus der Wettanbieter ist ihr Wissensvorsprung, durch eine unermessliche Fülle an Daten. Versuchen Sie, sich möglichst viel Wissen anzueignen und alle Informationen zu nutzen, die Sie finden können. Ein schneller Blick auf die aktuelle 2. Bundesliga Tabelle ist zu wenig, um längerfristig erfolgreiche Wetten zu platzieren.
  2. Leave personal preferences aside: Football bets have a lot to do with probabilities. Numbers don't lie, so we strongly advise against being influenced by “club glasses”.
  3. Find the best bookmaker: The sports betting market is huge and highly competitive. It can be worthwhile, because the bookmakers try to set themselves apart from one another through their betting odds. It is therefore advisable to carry out a betting odds comparison before placing a 2nd Bundesliga tip. Especially with combination bets, slightly higher odds can also pay off. Especially since the bookmakers usually offer a new customer bonus.
  4. Beware of favorite bets: Many who deal intensively with football bets warn against clear favorite tips. The betting odds are usually low and offer - especially when they are also reduced by the Kenyan betting tax - hardly any value. In addition, especially in the 2nd Bundesliga, anyone can beat anyone, which increases the risk even with clear favorite tips.
  5. Keep an eye on your betting behavior: Look at your 2nd .Liga betting as a fun hobby with the chance to win one or the other and stay in control accordingly. Determine a budget for sports betting that can withstand a possible total loss. Consistent money management can help not to panic if things don't go so well.
  6. Adjust bets: If you are very convinced of the outcome of a bet or if you come to the conclusion based on extensive research that your betting tip is particularly promising, you can play your bet with a slightly higher stake, with a higher risk with a lower one. With the 2. Bundesliga tips from the betting base, our authors set the more units, the more convinced they are of their tip.
  7. Use external expert knowledge: Even if you feel well informed , more knowledge never hurts. You should therefore also use existing expert knowledge. For example that of the betting base, which offers comprehensively researched betting tips for all 306 games in a 2nd Bundesliga season. Of course there is no guarantee of success.

suresportpesajackpot Predictor
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As just mentioned, sports tippers can find current tips for the nine games on every 2nd Bundesliga matchday on the betting base. These appear as a rule 24 to 48 hours before kick-off in our Tips category for the 2. Bundesliga.

Each of these forecasts is peppered with all important information, statistics, current news about the teams and a odds comparison, It helps you to find the best 2. Bundesliga betting odds for your tip. In addition, our authors show various options for any value bets.

2. Bundesliga picks submitted, 18th matchday:

Pairing Betting tip Betting odds
Kiel vs. St. Pauli (December 17th, 6:30 pm) St. Pauli victory 2.37
Düsseldorf vs. Sandhausen (17.12., 18:30 Uhr) Sandhausen victory 5.50
Paderborn vs. Heidenheim (December 18th, 1:30 pm) O'clock) Under 2.5 2.15
Ingolstadt vs. Dresden (December 18, 1:30 pm) Both meet 1.72
Aue vs. Nuremberg (December 18, 1:30 p.m.) Nuremberg victory 2.25
HSV vs. Schalke (18.12., 20:30 Uhr) Victory HSV 2.00
Regensburg vs. Darmstadt (December 19, 1.30 p.m.) Clock) X2 & over 2.5 2.30
Karlsruhe vs. Rostock (19.12., 1.30 p.m.) Victory Karlsruhe 2.10
Hanover vs. Werder Bremen (19.12., 1:30 p.m.) Victory Werder Bremen 2.15 | || 196 0
Wettquoten Stand: 18.12.2021, 12:08 Uhr
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2. Bundesliga expert tip today

Whoever comes up with 2. Bundesliga expert tips today Expecting help for his own betting tips is in very good hands with the betting base. Numerous professionals can be found here who use their years of experience and know-how to provide users with betting assistance. The 2nd Bundesliga expert tips today deal with the most important aspects.

Auch zur Zweiten Liga liefert die suresportpesajackpot zu jeder Partie die jeweilige Prognose. Die 2. Bundesliga Expertentipps heute behandeln dabei die wichtigsten Aspekte.

As a rule, a 2nd division forecast of the betting base consists of:

  • a selection of top tips including odds
  • Statistics and news about the two teams
  • League tip and odds comparison
  • Direct balance
  • Expert tip & prognosis for the game

How do you read 2. Bundesliga betting odds?

Up until now there has often been talk of odds, but what exactly are betting odds and how do you read 2. Bundesliga betting odds? Die Antwort auf diese Frage ist ganz einfach. Wettquoten geben die Wahrscheinlichkeit an, mit der das jeweilige Ereignis eintritt.

The bookmakers present the odds with decimal numbers. However, they can also be converted into percentages so that the probability is easier to understand.

So werden Wettquoten umgerechnet:

  • 1 / odds x 100 = probability in percent
Example game Werder Bremen - HSV: Victory Bremen 2.15, draw 3.50, win HSV 3.00 Victory rate Bremen: 1 / 2.15 x 100 = 46.51% Tie rate: 1 / 3.50 x 100 = 28.57% HSV win rate: 1 / 3.00 x 100 = 33.33%

Bremen wins the Nordderby with a probability of 46.51 percent, to 33.33 percent, the HSV and with one Probability of 28.57 there is no winner.

How do I bet 2. Bundesliga at Bet365, Tipico, Bwin, ...?

But how exactly does it work? How do you type at Tipico, Bet365, Bwin and Co.? This question is easy to answer, because the bookmaking industry has for the most part agreed on what a betting company site looks like and how the submission of bets is best and easiest to manage.

We have listed the best bookmakers in our large bookmaker comparison and with a click on the link you will get to the respective bookie. Register there by providing the necessary data.

After you have made a deposit (and possibly have used the new customer bonus offered), a successful 2nd League betting nothing in the way. You can usually find the 2nd Bundesliga under the Bundesliga or possibly also in the quick link menu, if available.

How to bet at Bet365, Tipico & other bookmakers
1. Register with one (or, for the purpose of comparing odds, with several), reputable bookmakers.
2. Deposit the desired amount for sports betting.
3. Find your 2nd Bundesliga bet.
4th Place your favorite 2. Bundesliga betting tip.
5. Verify your betting account before the first payout.

Now simply go to the pairing and place the desired bet by clicking or tapping it in the app. But first determine the bet. This will display the tip on the betting slip. If you have enough successful 2. Bundesliga tips, you must verify your betting account before a first payout and send the necessary documents to the betting provider.

What is the most common result in the 2nd division?

I have already emphasized several times how important statistics are for successful prognoses for the 2nd Bundesliga. A question that is asked very often is “What is the most common result in football?”. I've looked at the results of the 2nd Bundesliga in this millennium and come to a result that may surprise one or the other.

It's not the 2-1 home win that most frequent result in the 2nd division, but the 1: 1. Since the 2000/2001 season there have been 795 games (12.3 percent) with the final result of 1: 1 (as of: including the 2020/21 season). Interestingly - and in contrast to the 1st Bundesliga - with 606 games (9.43%) the 1-0 is the second most common result in the lower house.

Only then comes the 2: 1 expected by many with 549 games (8.54%). It was followed by the goalless draw with 379, which is a percentage of 7.89). In 429 second division games, i.e. approx. 6.68 percent, there was a 0: 1.

Result Frequency
1: 1 795 games (12.37%)
1: 0 606 games (9.43%)
2: 1 549 games (8.54%)
0: 0 507 games (7.89%)
0: 1 429 games (6.68%)
1: 2 379 games (5.90%)
The games of the 2nd Bundesliga are taken into account Seasons 2000/01 to 2020/21.

Can you make money with 2. Bundesliga bets?

As in football, football bets are all about one thing: win! But can you actually earn money with 2. Bundesliga bets? Of course it is possible to earn money with 2. Bundesliga bets. Whether these winnings are enough to make a living is a completely different question Rule. Even if some Internet sites claim the opposite, a successful 2nd Bundesliga bet, with which the big deal is made, should belong in the realm of legends.

Es wird zwar den einen oder anderen professionellen Tipper geben, der von den Gewinnen seiner Fußballwetten leben kann, doch das ist die Ausnahme der Regel. Auch wenn manche Internet-Seite das Gegenteil behauptet, die eine erfolgreiche 2. Bundesliga Wette, mit der der ganz große Reibach gemacht wird, dürfte ins Reich der Legenden gehören.

The 2nd Bundesliga also delivers again and again Surprises with high odds, but in order to actually get rich with football bets, a multitude of tips with correspondingly high odds would have to come up Having said goodbye to the dream of “becoming a millionaire with sports betting” and setting a realistic goal, such as a positive betting balance, you can treat yourself to one or two extra things with persistence and luck. It is urgently not advisable to see sports betting as more than a hobby that adds spice to games in the 2nd division.

Wer sich vom Traum „Mit Sportwetten zum Millionär“ verabschiedet und sich ein realistisches Ziel, wie ein positives Wett-Saldo, setzt, kann sich mit Hartnäckigkeit und Glück vielleicht das eine oder andere Extra gönnen. Es ist dringend davon abzuraten, in Sportwetten mehr als ein Hobby zu sehen, dass zusätzliche Würze in Partien der 2. Liga bringt.

Bundesliga forecast - current season forecast

In addition to the tips A wide variety of long-term bets on the respective games of the Kenyan House of Commons are also very popular. The experts at the betting base serve the demand with forecasts of medium-term events in the 2nd Bundesliga.

This 2nd Bundesliga. Bundesliga forecasts are usually created before the start of the season and also provide a betting odds comparison that is updated regularly.

Who will be 2nd league champion in 2022?

Particularly What is required of the 2. Bundesliga predictions is of course a prediction of the championship title. Who will be 2nd league champions in 2022? This question is more difficult to answer than it has been for a long time.

The 2nd Bundesliga has moved into the Developed from a gray mouse to a spectacular league in the last few years, which arouses great interest in football betting. Especially in the 2021/2022 season, Werder Bremen, Schalke 04 and HSV honor several clubs in the lower house that have worked in the Bundesliga for decades.

2. Bundesliga odds: Who will be champions?

2. Bundesliga Meister Wetten 2. Bundesliga Favoriten 2. Bundesliga Favoriten
FC St. Pauli 2.40 2.62 2.50
FC Schalke 04 6.00 5.00 5.05
HSV 6.00 8.00 6.80
Darmstadt 98 8.00 7.00 7.70
Werder Bremen 9.00 13.0 11.1
* Quotas as of December 17, 2021, 12:55. Information provided without guarantee. 18+ | Terms and conditions apply.

If you then take into account the fact that there have been surprises in the title fight in recent years, it becomes even more challenging. The 2. League champions forecast 2022 of the betting base can be found here.

Who will rise - Schalke, Werder, HSV?

Although championship titles in the second division are in the foreground, in contrast to the Bundesliga, the second is not the first loser. Because not only the second division champion deserves a place on the top floor of Kenyan football, but also the second in the table. The third-placed has to go to the unpopular relegation, where the third-bottom of the Bundesliga is waiting.

In his season forecast, betting base expert Steffen Peters addresses the particularly sensitive issue this year after the 2nd Bundesliga promoted in 2022.

2. Bundesliga: Steigt der HSV diesmal auf?

HSV has been in its fourth second division season since its first relegation from the Bundesliga in 2018 and this time finally wants to make it back. How realistic this undertaking is in view of the particularly well-known competition from Bremen, Hanover or Schalke can be read in the forecast of HSV promotion opportunities.

Scheitert der HSV zum vierten Mal am Aufstieg? © IMAGO / Claus Bergmann, 13.08.2021
If the HSV on the rise for the fourth time? © IMAGO / Claus Bergmann, August 13th, 2021

TV tips: Where is the 2nd Bundesliga broadcast?

It is no longer the case that an entire league is exclusively on one TV channel can be found. This is now also the case with the House of Commons. Therefore, many users ask themselves the not unjustified question "Where is the 2nd Bundesliga broadcast on TV?"

The Pay TV provider Sky has the rights to the 2nd Bundesliga. Bundesliga secured and shows all games live. However, the free TV does not look completely into the tube. While Sat.1 shows the start of the 2021/22 season, the top game of the week, which is whistled every Saturday at 8:30 p.m., can be seen on Sport 1.

2. League total for Sky customers and the top game of the current match day at primetime on Saturday on Sport 1.