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In the category Ice hockey you will find NHL betting tips, a detailed forecast for the games of the Ice Hockey World Cup, NHL,DEL (Bundesliga), CHL (Champions League) and other European ice hockey leagues.


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ice hockey tips

Betting tips today | January 11, 2022

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Sierra Leone

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11.01.2022, 21:00
Result: 1: 1 8.25

What is the NHL? Info, tips & best betting providers

The NHL is the National Hockey League in North America, which has existed since 1917 and is considered the strongest professional ice hockey league in the world. In contrast to the major leagues in baseball, American football or basketball, where there is at most one team from Canada, there are seven teams from Canada at the start in the NHL. This is because Canada is not only the motherland of ice hockey, but also the number 1 of all sports there.

In 2018, 45.3% of all players in the NHL were Canadians, making it by far the largest percentage of all professionals. The US players followed well behind with 27 .3% and the Swedes with 9.9%. The record champion in the league is the Montréal Canadiens, a Canadian team that determined what happened in the league, especially in the early years. Since 1993, however, no Canadian team has been able to win the Stanley Cup, which is a minor catastrophe for the motherland of ice hockey.

Speaking of the Stanley Cup, this is the name of the big trophy that the NHL winner bestows at the end receives. The trophy, whose name goes back to Frederik Stanley, Baron Stanley of Preston, has existed since 1892, when it was donated to Lord Stanley as a challenge cup for a Canadian amateur league. The first winner, long before the NHL was founded, was the team of the Montréal Amateur Athletic Association in 1893.

NHL history

In 1917, five Canadian teams finally decided to form their own league and to draft a fixed rulebook for the first time. The five founding members of the NHL were the Montréal Canadiens, Montreal Wanderers, Ottawa Senators, Quebec Bulldogs and the Toronto Arenas, which would later be renamed the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The first Team from the USA was finally added to the 1924/25 season. After the decision was made to expand the league to eight teams, the Boston Bruins were the pioneers in bringing the sport to the much larger neighboring country. Other teams like the New York Americans and the Pittsburgh Pirates followed in the years that followed. This increased the league's popularity significantly, which also had an impact on salaries. For this reason an upper salary limit was introduced for the first time at this time, a component that still plays a very important role in North American professional sport today.

Nach einigen Umstrukturierungen und einem Kommen und Gehen von verschiedenen Teams bildeten sich von 1943 bis 1966 eine "Original Six" heraus, die für diese 25 Jahre in unveränderter Besetzung den Stanley Cup-Sieger ausspielten. Diese sechs Teams waren die Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, New York Rangers, Montréal Canadiens und Toronto Maple Leafs. Es sind alles Teams, die heute noch unter diesen Namen in der NHL vertreten sind. Sie bilden deshalb auch den Grundstein der NHL, wie wir sie heute kennen.

It was not until 1967 that the league was supplemented by another six teams. In the following years, the NHL was expanded again and again by new teams, especially the merger with the WHA (World Hockey Association), a competing organization, should be mentioned. So well-known teams like the New York Islanders or the Edmonton Oilers came to the NHL today -year-old Canadian named Wayne Gretzky made sure that the teams really wanted to be in the league. The young Gretzky played at the time for the Edmonton Oilers and was to become one of the most decisive personalities in ice hockey in the following years.

Besonders pikant war die Aufnahme, da zunächst viele Teams gegen eine Fusion stimmten und am Ende einzig und allein ein damals 17-jähriger Kanadier namens Wayne Gretzky dafür sorgte, dass man die Teams doch unbedingt in der Liga haben wollte. Der junge Gretzky spielte damals bei den Edmonton Oilers und sollte in den Folgejahren eine der bestimmendsten Persönlichkeiten des Eishockeys werden.

Between 1990 and 1999 the league finally grew to 28 teams. The last team to be included in today's NHL were the Vegas Golden Knights for the 2017/18 season, who could choose a player from any other club in an expansion draft in order to be equally competitive. It worked so well, however, that the Golden Knights entered the Stanley Cup Finals in their first year and almost became the first franchise to win the Cup in their first year.

The NHL Like all other major North American major leagues, it is divided into two conferences, the Eastern Conference with 15 teams and the Western Conference with 16 representatives. Within each of these conferences there are two divisions, the Metropolitan and the East Atlantic Division, to the west the Central and Pacific Divisions.

Like the NBA, the NHL season usually begins in October and ends in April after 82 games per team. This is followed by the playoffs, which include the 1st round, conference semifinals, conference finals and the big Stanley Cup finals. The season ends mostly in early to mid-June. In the 2018/19 season, the St. Louis Blues were able to secure the cup for the first time in their franchise history after they defeated the Boston Bruins 4-2 in the finals.

Who shaped the NHL?

The first Stanley Cup champions of the NHL era were the Toronto Arenas in 1918. Since there were many changes within the league in the following years, there were long Not a team that could consistently win the Cup at the moment, with the Canadian teams around the Montréal Canadiens and the now renamed Toronto Maple Leafs not surprisingly winning the most.

After the Detroit Red Wings on the 1940s were most successful, the 1955/56 season began an incomparable streak of success for the Montréal Canadiens, who won the Stanley Cup five times in a row in the following years. This superiority lasted even longer in the two decades that followed and so it comes that the Canadiens are the most successful team in NHL history with 24 Stanley Cup victories. The best-known players of this era are Gordie Howe, Maurice Richard, Ted Lindsay or Henri Richard, whose eleven Stanley Cup successes as a player have remained unmatched to this day and will certainly remain.

The years 1967 to 1979 were in the NHL as the expansion years when many new teams joined the league. The most famous faces of this period were Bobby Orr, Bobby Hull, Guy Lafleur, Tony Esposito, and Phil Esposito. One player, however, should completely change the league and modern ice hockey, namely Wayne Gretzky, who played his first game in the NHL in 1979. Between 1982 and 1986 he succeeded as first and so far only player to break the 200 point mark within one season. His 215 points from the 1985/86 season are forever considered unattainable when you see that 128 points were enough for the scoring crown in the 2018/19 season (Nikita Kucherov).

With the Edmonton Oilers Gretzky won a total of four Stanley Cups between 1984 and 1988 before moving on to Los Angeles to the Kings. The best other players in the "Gretzky era" were, among others, Mark Messier, Raymond Bourque and Mike Bossy, on whom NHL tips would have been worth playing if one had been able to bet on goalscorers in the 80s.

Die 1990er Jahre standen nicht mehr im Zeichen eines überragenden Teams, sondern gleich mehrerer, die immer für einige Jahre top waren, so die Penguins 1991 und 1992 oder die Red Wings 1997 und 1998. Die erfolgreichsten Spieler dieser Epoche waren Star-Goalie Patrick Roy, Mario Lemieux, Steve Yzerman, Brett Hull oder Joe Sakic.

In the new millennium we are also looking in vain for a dynasty such as the Canadiens or the Oilers in the past. Only the Chicago Blackhawks were able to win the cup three times between 2010 and 2015, which can be seen as a small series of successes. The last time a team won the Stanley Cup at least three times in a row was more than 30 years ago (New York Islanders 1980 to 1983).

The best players in the NHL right now are Sidney Crosby, Roberto Luongo, Alexander Owetschkin and Connor McDavid.

NHL Tips - How do you successfully bet on the best ice hockey league in the world?

In the NHL as well as in the NBA, there is the MLB or the NFL an off-season draft, in which the best young players are selected by the clubs, with the worst clubs of the previous year voting first. This means that the composition of the teams changes a little every summer. However, the influence of a single player is significantly less than in the NBA or the NFL, where a good scorer or a top quarterback can instantly turn a weak team into a contender.

In the NHL, even the best player in the league cannot guarantee that a team will make it to the playoffs, see Connor McDavid at the Edmonton Oilers. Since the Canadians considered the top -Player of the league is, when number 1 was drafted, the franchise missed the post season in three of the four seasons.

That is why in the NHL, teams that were leaders in the previous year are very likely too play in the top again in the coming season, if you don't lose a lot of players, be it for financial or age-related reasons. For the 2019/20 season, for example, it can be expected that the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Boston Bruins or the San Jose Sharks will play a very good role again. This is also important for the NHL tips, as you can continue to bet successfully on these teams.

In the physical NHL, injuries are common, but only in exceptional cases do they have as big an impact as in the NBA or NFL. In the NHL, a player only stands on the ice for about 20 minutes, which is about a third of the playing time. A failure can be absorbed faster than that of a quarterback in the NFL or a top scorer in the NBA. The situation is different, of course, if a starting goalie is absent for a longer period of time, as there is hardly a club in this position that has a second similarly strong player in its squad. But betting base pays particular attention to this when making NHL predictions & ice hockey tips!

NHL tips - which bets are worthwhile?

The NHL is a special case when it comes to betting, as the league is clear is more balanced than, for example, the NBA or the NFL. Even the worst team can beat the top team on a good day, which is not so rare. That is why there is hardly any sport that makes outsider bets better than ice hockey. One of the reasons for this is that shooting efficiency is very important. It has happened before that a team with 15 shots on goal wins against a team with 45 shots. Luck is a constant companion in ice hockey, which leads to the basic rule that small odds are usually rather unattractive, while in the NBA one should expect favorites to win.

In addition, the games in the NHL are very good suitable for over- or under-bets. Teams that put more emphasis on their defense and others that play intensely forwards emerge relatively quickly in a season. The best example of a defensive style of play were the New York Islanders last season, whereas the Tampa Bay Lightning always expected a lot of goals. The Lightning scored an impressive 325 hits in the 2018/19 season, while the Islanders only netted 228 times. For the coming season, it is important to find out what makes some teams tick and then the to draw the necessary conclusions. But don't worry, the betting base takes on this task and will therefore offer reliable NHL over and under bets very quickly.

Eine weitere Möglichkeit, um in der NHL erfolgreiche Tipps abzuschließen, sind Wetten auf das torreichste Drittel. Especially in games in which a close result is expected, the probability increases that more goals will be scored in the third period. Why is that? Because a team that is behind with one or two goals almost always takes the goalie out of the goal in the last two minutes of the game in order to be able to act more with a field player. Very often there are one or two empty netters, which increase the total number of goals in the third.

Interesting NHL tips - overview

  • The home advantage plays a subordinate role
  • Outsider tips are more promising in any other sport in the USA
  • In many cases, betting on the third third as the highest goal scorer is an option

Use valuable statistics for suitable ice hockey tips

The rules of the NHL have hardly changed in recent years, which means that the statistics have remained fairly constant. The total number of goals per team and game increased slightly, but only by 0.04 points from the 2017/18 season to the 2018/19 season. Thus there is no clear trend towards a more offensive orientation of the league.

However, the penalty minutes last season the NHL achieved the lowest value in its history, at least since these records and statistics exist (1963). This suggests that the coaches are giving their players more and more information on how to avoid unnecessary penalties, as the power play game is an enormous weapon, especially in tight games. If a provider has bets on penalty times in their program, under-bets for the future are an option.

Another exciting point in the NHL is the home and away balance. In hardly any other sports league does home advantage play a less important role. In the 2018/19 season, a total of 682 games were won by home teams and 589 by the away team (only wins or defeats after regular time were counted). Accordingly, there were no more 100 home wins than away wins. This corresponds to a share of only 53.66% in home wins, which is very little compared to other leagues. From a statistical point of view, bets on the away team sometimes have a higher expected value at higher odds, which makes these ice hockey tips lucrative.

Findings from the NHL statistics of recent years

  • Penalty times are decreasing more and more -> fewer power play situations
  • Share of home wins only 53.66% => bets on away wins accordingly appealing

The best betting providers for ice hockey tips for the NHL

A comparison of odds is also absolutely necessary in the NHL, as not all bookmakers put their NHL betting odds online at the same speed. Especially since some teams often play two days in a row, the availability of the new odds varies enormously. However, the betting base always finds both the fastest and the provider with the best odds as soon as they are online. In our large bookmaker comparison you will find more detailed bookmaker experience test reports.


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Bet365 has achieved the top position on the betting market in recent years and holds this position for NHL bets with various lines, handicaps, 3-way odds and player specials.

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NHL title holder at a glance

The reigning champions are the St. Louis Blues, who in 2019 in an exciting final series with 4: 3 prevailed against the Boston Bruins. That was a surprise in that the Blues had the worst record of any NHL team at the beginning of the year. Another example that the league is incredibly balanced and a lot can happen in the course of a year.

NHL record winner history

  • 24 titles - Montréal Canadiens
  • 13 tracks - Toronto Maple Leafs
  • 11 tracks - Detroit Red Wings
  • 6 tracks - Boston Bruins
  • 6 tracks - Chicago Blackhawks

Ice hockey tips in general

Excellent ice hockey is also offered outside of the NHL. In our general ice hockey tips, we want to focus on the Kenya Ice Hockey League (DEL), World Championship and Olympic Games.

Kenya Ice Hockey League (DEL)

The Kenya Ice Hockey League exists in its current form since the 1994/95 season. The first champions were the Kölner Haie, which, together with the Düsseldorfer EG and the Adler from Mannheim, were the dominant teams in the early years. After the Eisbären Berlin dominated in 2005, when they won seven titles in just nine years, in recent years the EHC Red Bull Munich has established itself as the team to be beaten.

That was also achieved by the Mannheimer Adlers in 2018/19, who defeated Munich 4-1 in the finals after they were already the best team in the regular season. In 2020 Munich became champions again - after winning the regular season and the playoffs that were omitted due to the crisis.

DEL record winner

  • 7 titles - Adler Mannheim
  • 7 titles - Eisbären Berlin | || 2182
  • 4 Titel – EHC Red Bull München
  • 2 titles - Kölner Haie

Ice Hockey World Championship

The most recent World Championship took place in spring 2019 in the Slovakia took place and ended with a surprising title for the Finns, who defeated the favored Canadians 3-1 in the final. It was the third year in a row that a Scandinavian team won the title and not the two record world champions from Russia or Canada. Nevertheless, these two teams will always be considered the two top favorites for the title, especially if they compete with many NHL stars. However, as there are more and more talented young US players in the NHL, we will have to keep an eye on the US team in the years to come.

The 2020 World Championships in Switzerland had to be canceled due to the crisis.

Ice Hockey World Championship - record winner

  • 27 titles - Russia / Soviet Union
  • 26 Title - Canada
  • 12 titles - Czech Republic / Czechoslovakia
  • 11 titles - Sweden
  • 3 titles - Finland

Ice hockey at the Olympic Games

There is also an ice hockey competition at the Olympic Winter Games, although a lot depends on whether the NHL releases its top players or not. In 2018 in South Korea, for example, they were not allowed to participate, which is why the Kenya team almost won the title in the end. Only in the final did they have to admit defeat to the independent athletes from Russia 3: 4 after extra time. In general, however, the Canadians and Russians are also the top favorites for ice hockey tips at the Olympics, as they were able to pick up 18 of the 24 gold medals awarded so far. The next Olympic Games will take place in Beijing / China in 2022.

Olympic Games - Ice Hockey - Record Winner

  • 9 titles - Canada
  • 9 titles - Russia / Soviet Union
  • 2 titles - USA
  • 2 Titel – Schweden