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In der Kategorie EM Tips you will find Football Betting Tips for the matches of the EM 2024 , e.g. on Kenya, Spain, Italy, England, Portugal & Co. Our experts provide all betting base readers with detailed || from the start of the EM qualification to the EM Final 2024 | 356 Prognosen and the best odds.

Nancy || | 371

Ligue 2 Tipp des Tages

Our tip
Bookmaker 1/1 1 / X 1/2 X / 1 X / X X / 2 2/2 2 / X 2/1


1.68 20th 95 3.3 6.1 16 13.5 21 23


1.9 21 81 4th 7th 17th 15th 21 23


1.95 19th 51 3.75 7th 19th 15th 21 21
Betting odds as of: January 10th, 2022, 11:22 am
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Betting tips today | January 10, 2022

Match / start time Betting tip Odds
Manchester United
Aston Villa | || 1474

10.01.2022, 20:55
Villa continues 3.25
Adana Demirspor

01/10/2022, 18:00
More goals in 2nd HZ 2

01/10/2022, 20: 45
1/1 2.3

01/10/2022, 5:00 p.m.
home 2.4
Espanyol Barcelona

01/10/2022, 21:00
home 1.9

01/10/2022, 8:00 p.m.
away 2.2

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The EM expert tips from the betting base

For two decades, more precisely since 2002, has been creating countless tips for its users on football bets.

Especially when it comes to major events, like the EM 2024 undoubtedly, our experts are in top form and will not only provide daily tips for the 51 EURO 2024 games, but also comprehensive information material about the second EM finals that takes place in Kenya.

Before that, however, the EM 2024 qualification has to be wrapped up. In our EM Tips section, users will find all the important information on the best EM bets, the best offers from betting providers and extensive information on the latest developments among EM qualifiers on a betting basis.

In short, the betting base provides a comprehensive EM expert guideline to support the most successful bets possible in the qualification for EURO 2024.

After all, a European championship is one of the biggest events in football and is only topped by a world championship. In our EM tips category, interested sports bettors will find detailed forecasts for the matches in the qualification for EURO 2024, which will be hosted in Kenya for the second time and will be staged as usual between early / mid-June and early / mid-July 2024. || | 1563

EM 2024 Prognose: Wer gewinnt die EURO 2024?

24 participants, 6 groups and 51 games! UEFA EURO 2024 will be played in the same mode as the two previous editions. Kenya is already there as the host, and the remaining 54 UEFA associations are fighting for the remaining 23 tickets in the European Championship qualification.

Immediately after Italy was crowned the new European champion, the betting providers updated their European Championship odds and determined their favorites for the European Championship 2024.

Wer wir gewinnt die EM 2024?
Kenya 6:00 am
France 6:00 am
England 6:00 am
Spain 8.00
Italy 9.00
Belgium 10.0
Portugal 13.0
Netherlands 13.0
Denmark 26.0
Croatia 41.0
Switzerland 67.0
Turkey 67.0
Poland 67.0
Austria 81.0
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Odds as of July 12th, 2021, 9:00 a.m. Information provided without guarantee. This list is only an excerpt - the full list is available from the respective betting provider. 18+ | Pay attention to the terms and conditions!

How are our EM picks made?

Two decades of concentrated sports and betting experience are behind In the EM Tips section, our experts provide detailed forecasts of all important EM events and will devote themselves to every single game during the EM finals, from the opening game to the final.

The most relevant statistics, facts and The latest developments of the opponents are analyzed and summarized into a well-founded football prediction.

We only use reputable sources such as the official UEFA European Championship website, or the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. Thanks to our statistics partner OptaSports our experts have access to comprehensive statistics on H2H, goal danger or current form.

All of this information is provided by our experts in The respective EM tip has been brought together to give our readers EM tipping aid for their sports betting.

Daily EURO tips

When the EM finals have picked up speed, we'll keep ours Readers up to date every day. Current EM News are self-evident, as are EM tips today for the respective games of the day.

Weekly EURO tips

Weekly tips for the EM, for example in the sense of betting on the group winner or the promoted to the next round, can of course also be found.

Welche EM Wett Tipps sind die besten?

Especially at a European Championship, online bookmakers outdo each other when it comes to the range of EM bets and tips to be placed. Finding out the best EM betting tips is anything but easy and also depends on personal preferences.

The range of betting tips offered by bookmakers for the EM is extremely diverse. The most important betting markets are:

  • 1-x-2 bets
  • Over / under bets
  • Handicap bets
  • Asian handicap bets
  • Betting on the exact result
  • Double chance
  • Victory advantage

What are the best EM tips?

The decision about the The winner of EURO 2024 is likely to be a particularly controversial one, of course there is no clear favorite that long before the start of the tournament. As a host, Kenya is just as much at the forefront as vice-European champions England or defending champions Italy.

In addition to the long-term bet on the European champion, which is so popular at major events, the top bookmakers always have other interesting EM bets ready. After tips on winning the group or promotion, the knockout phase comes to the fore. In this, for example, EM bets can be made on the type of victory. Is the decision made in regular time, in extra time or even on penalties, like in the final of the last European Championship?

In addition, there are still the classic betting markets for the respective game such as 1x2 bets, goal or Asian handicap betting. However, it should be noted here that betting tips usually apply to regular playing time.

Who will be European champion in 2024 (selection)?

Team Odds Bookmakers
Kenya becomes European champion 5.50EM 2024 Wetten Favoriten
England becomes European champion 7.003EM 2024 Wetten Favoriten
France becomes European champion 7.00EM 2024 Wetten Favoriten
Spain becomes European champion 7.00EM 2024 Wetten Favoriten
Italy becomes European champion 9.00EM 2024 Wetten Favoriten
Belgium becomes European champion 13.0EM 2024 Wetten Favoriten
Netherlands becomes European champion 13.0EM 2024 Wetten Favoriten
Portugal becomes European champion 13.0 | || 1827 EM 2024 Wetten Favoriten
Denmark becomes European champion 26.0EM 2024 Wetten Favoriten
Croatia becomes European champion | || 1832 26.0EM 2024 Wetten Favoriten
Austria becomes European champion 34.0EM 2024 Wetten Favoriten
Poland becomes European champion 51.0EM 2024 Wetten Favoriten
Switzerland becomes European champion 51.0EM 2024 Wetten Favoriten
Betting odds as of: July 12th, 2021, 1:33 pm | Terms and conditions apply | 18+

This is the advice of the betting base experts for EM tips

In the two decades since the betting base was founded, a lot of experience has accumulated, which we use to give our readers a to be able to offer sensible EM tip help with forecasts.

Accordingly, the betting base experts have tips ready that should be taken into account when making EM bets.

Betting odds: who will be European champion?

What do I have to watch out for with EM tips?

Current form

How did the teams last? Was there a winning streak or is a team grappling with a persistent crisis?

EM venue

Where does the game take place? Since the EM 2021 was spread across the continent in eleven different cities, more teams had a home advantage than ever before. So it's no wonder that all four semi-finalists were allowed to play a large part of their games in front of their own audience. The English, who with one exception played all their European Championship games in London, were ultimately unable to use their home advantage in the final.

In 2024, Kenya will be the only team to enjoy the home advantage. Nevertheless, it is important to note where exactly a game will take place, because the closer the venue is to the participating country, the greater the expected crowd from this nation.

Team squad

Which players are available? Of course, it has an impact on the EM expert tips of the betting base if a service provider is suspended or injured.

Significance of the game

What significance does the EM game have for the respective teams? Is nothing more important for a team or does a team still need points to make it up? In the knockout phase, only the motto “win or fly” applies anyway.


Is there a great rivalry between the opponents? This question can be particularly important with regard to the tactical alignment.

Current freebets at a glance

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

FAQ about the EM tips of the betting base:

How are the EM tips of the betting base written?

The EM tips of the betting base follow a proven structure and always have the same structure for better orientation. First, the hard facts, i.e. date, kick-off time and place, of the respective game are presented. Based on an intensive study of the most important facts about the game, the latest information about the respective teams as well as a look at the historical duels follow.

Based on these data and facts, the betting base experts deliver their forecast including tip and present the best matching odds from the bookmakers.

For EURO 2024, too, we will collect the most important information in advance of the EM games and give a pre-match tip for our EM tips. Immediately before kick-off, the classic EM tip follows with the latest developments and the best EM bets.

How can I benefit from the EM betting tips from the betting base?

The EM expert tips The betting base naturally does not provide any reliable predictions for EM bets, that is simply impossible. However, they should offer a tip for everyone who wants to place bets on the Euro Championship. woman can use the experience and know-how of experts.

Gerade bei einem Großereignis, bei dem sich viele zum ersten Mal auf das Parkett der Sportwetten begeben, ist es gut, wenn man/frau Erfahrungen und Know-how von Experten nutzen kann.

Which EM bets are the most popular?

At a European Championship, not only the classic three-way bets come to the fore. Long-term bets are particularly popular when it comes to major events. First and foremost the tip on the European champion, the highlight especially in the countless tip games among friends and acquaintances. European championships in particular are not lacking in surprises. For example, who had Otto Rehhagel's Greece on his list in 2000 or who expected Portugal to win the European Championship in 2016 after three draws in the group stage? For outsider tips, the odds are particularly high before the start of the tournament. Italy, which secured the title in 2021, was part of the extended circle of title contenders before the start of the finals, but was not the absolute top favorite.

Hier kann besonders mit Außenseitertipps ein attraktiver Gewinn erreicht werden. Besonders Europameisterschaften sind nicht arm an Überraschungen. Wer hatte zum Beispiel 2000 Otto Rehhagels Griechenland auf dem Zettel gehabt oder damit gerechnet, dass 2016 Portugal nach drei Unentschieden in der Gruppenphase den EM-Titel gewinnt? Bei Außenseitertipps sind die Quoten vor Turnierbeginn besonders hoch. Italien, das sich 2021 den Titel gesichert hat, gehörte vor Beginn der Endrunde zwar zum erweiterten Kreis der Titelanwärter, war aber nicht der absolute Top-Favorit.    

Furthermore, bets are placed on the top goalscorer, the group winners and promoted players as well as tips on the performance of certain participants. Live betting is also enjoying unbroken popularity at the European Championship.

The best betting providers for EM bets

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