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Russia tips - 30. Matchday Premier League

Ein letztes Mal wird in der russischen Premier Liga noch angestoßen, dann geht’s in die Sommerpause. Dass Zenit St. Petersburg wieder Meister wurde, kam nicht überraschend. Am finalen 30. Spieltag ist es also nur noch ein Schaulaufen für den Champion. Dahinter aber wird noch gekämpft, vor allem um Platz zwei. Wer darf in die Qualifikation zur Champions League? Spartak Moskau hat die allerbesten Karten. Die Mannschaft liegt drei Punkte vor Lokomotive. Somit muss, wenn Lok gewinnt, gepunktet werden. In Russland entscheidet bei Punktgleichheit nämlich erst der direkte Vergleich, und der spricht in diesem Fall für Rot-Grün. Spartak Zuhause, Lokomotive auswärts – zur gleichen Zeit wollen beide Klubs gewinnen. Spartak hat alles in der eigenen Hand, ist hier eventuell der Druck zu groß? Das Auswärtsmatch bei Terek Grosny ist unsere Partie des Spieltags. Und das alles vor Publikum, in Russland sind bereits wieder Fans zugelassen.

For Grozny it is no longer about anything, so nobody knows how much ambition the team will throw in the scales. Or is Spartak even playing for a draw, which would be enough in any case? The alleged runner-up cannot yet be entirely sure of his cause and should therefore not hope that Grozny will go about things half-heartedly or that Lok will give up the pace at the same time.

Russian Federation Premier League Russia Tips Overview May 16, 2021 (30th matchday)

Match Tip Odds at the bookmaker Date
Rostov - Krasnodar Unter 3.5 Tore 1. Halbzeit 1.43 at May 16, 13:00
Terek Grozny - Spartak Moscow Halftime / Final score 1/1 1.81 at May 16, 13:00
Dynamo Moscow - CSKA Moscow Under 2.5 goals 1.91 at 16.05., 13: 00
Lok Moscow - Urals Victory Lok -1 HC 1.90 at 16.05., 13:00
Tambov - Zenit St. Petersburg Victory Tambov +3 HC 1.87 at 16.05 ., 13: 00
Rubin Kazan - Volgograd Kazan wins to zero 2.10 at 16.05., 13: 00 | || 430
Ufa - Arsenal Tula Ufa victory 2.20 at May 16, 13:00
Khimki - Sochi Victory Khimki +2 HC 1.47 at May 16, 13:00
Betting odds as of: May 11th, 2021, 4:00 p.m.

Russian Federation Russia Premier League - the tips explanation in detail

Russian Federation Terek Grozny - Spartak MoscowRussian Federation - May 16, 2021, 1:00 p.m.

Geht am Samstag eine erfolgreiche Saison für Spartak Moskau zu Ende? Die Moskauer können Zweiter werden. Drei Punkte liegen sie vor Lok, durch den verlorenen direkten Vergleich muss bei einem Sieg des Konkurrenten ein Punkt geholt werden. Als zweitbestes Auswärtsteam der Liga muss das in der Fremde bei Grozny klappen. Während Spartak die letzten drei Spiele alle gewonnen hat, sieht es bei Grosny erwartungsgemäß durchwachsener aus. Zwar wurden die vergangenen drei Heimpartien allesamt mit drei Zählern beendet worden, doch unter den Gegnern waren zwei sehr schwache Teams. Ein Sieg bei Lok, mehr Erfolge konnte Grosny nicht gegen Spitzenmannschaften ausrichten. Dafür ist die Defensive mit 13 Gegentore recht stabil. Spartak allerdings wird mit der größtmöglichen Motivation, der CL-Quali vor Augen, anreisen.
Our value tip:
Victory Spartak at Bet-at-home at 1.81
Betting odds as of: 11.05.2021, 16:00 * 18+ | Note the terms and conditions

Russian Federation Rostov - KrasnodarRussian Federation -16.05.2021, 1:00 p.m.

A sportingly meaningless match in the lower midfield - that's exactly what we expect from the Rostov game against Krasnodar. The guests have only won one of the last seven games and are very inconsistent. A draw against Zenit, but defeats against Tula and Grozny - Krasnodar can hardly be estimated. Rostov is also very mixed and has finished four of the last six games as a loser. With four goals from the last five games, there was not much going on in the offensive. Incidentally, there was a 1-1 draw in the first leg. Betting base recommends the tip: Under 1.5 goals 1st half - 1.43 @ Betsson
Betting odds as of: 05/11/2021, 16:00 * 18+ | Note the terms and conditions

Russian Federation Dynamo Moscow - CSKA MoscowRussian Federation - May 16, 2021, 1:00 p.m.

A Moscow derby will end this season, who will leave the season with a good feeling? Dynamo will miss Europe, that's for sure. ZSKA, on the other hand, still has a chance of fourth place. But: Sochi and Kazan would have to lose for that! The top team will not like the dependency on the competition. Only two of the last seven away games have been won, 18 goals in 14 games are also not very strong. At Dynamo, however, it looks even worse. The team has been without a win and without a goal for three games. The fact that only one of the last four home games was successful is not a positive either. So neither team is in top form. Betting base recommends the tip: Under 2.5 goals - 1.91 @ Unibet
Betting odds as of: 05/11/2021, 16:00 * 18+ | Note the terms and conditions

Russian Federation Lok Moscow - UralsRussian Federation - May 16, 2021, 1:00 p.m.

Did the 0-0 draw in the derby against Dynamo cost you second place? Lok had to let Spartak go. The last chance: A personal win against Urals if the opponent loses. At home, where there were only two defeats and nine goals against, the Muscovites are very stable. Before they played 0-0 against Dynamo, there were five home wins in a row by at least two goals. Exactly such success is needed now to put Spartak under pressure from abroad. Urals will hold the league, that has been certain for some time. With a single away win in the entire season, the team will certainly not travel to the capital as a favorite. Even twelve goals in 14 games do not suggest that there is anything to be gained. Betting base recommends the tip: Win Lok -1 HC 1.90 @ Bet365
Betting odds as of: 11.05.2021, 16:00 * 18+ | Note terms and conditions

Russian Federation Tambov - Zenit St. PetersburgRussian Federation - May 16, 2021, 1:00 p.m.

The clear bottom against the champions - the last day of the match canceled a special pairing. Both can play freely, it is no longer about anything. Tambov is clearly the weakest team in the league and has only won three games. 18:60 gates speak a clear language. The last ten games have all been lost. How is Zenit doing? After the title was determined, there was only an unspectacular 0-0 against Ufa. The question now arises as to how much enthusiasm the players have to go to work on Saturday. A win at the end of the season would actually be commendable. Betting base recommends the tip: Win Tambov +3 HC -1.87 @ Betway
Betting odds as of May 11th, 2021, 16:00 * 18+ | Note the terms and conditions

Russian Federation Rubin Kazan - VolgogradRussian Federation - May 16, 2021, 1:00 p.m.

Will Volgograd still somehow make it across the grain? There are only two points that would be missing for relegation. If Ufa just scored points and Volgograd won, it could still be something mathematically. With two away wins and nine goals, however, the chance of success abroad seems to be very slim. The last four away games have been lost, with a single goal. Goals are a good keyword, as the doorbell has rang twice in the last nine games. Rubin Kazan wants to keep fourth place, so needs a win too. Since eight of the last ten games have been won and there have been six wins without conceding a goal, that should work on Saturday as well. Betting base recommends the tip: Kazan win to zero - 2.10 @ bet365
Betting odds as of: 05/11/2021, 16:00 * 18+ | Note the terms and conditions

Russian Federation Ufa - Arsenal TulaRussian Federation - May 16, 2021, 1:00 p.m.

It is the ultimate relegation peak: is one of the two teams still slipping onto a direct relegation zone? Ufa has 22 points, Arsenal Tula 23. Since Volgograd lurks with 21 points, the relegation for the duo is not yet dry. Ufa has lost one of the last three games, so just in time for the end of the season the team finally seems to be constant. Last weekend there was even a 0-0 win against St. Petersburg. Arsenal Tula, on the other hand, is dragging itself towards the final. Is it your fourth loss in a row? The team is particularly weak away from home. There was only one draw! There were also five measly goals. When Arsenal play abroad, only one person is happy: the opponent. Betting base recommends the tip: Win Ufa- 2.20 @ Bet3000
Betting odds as of: 11.05.2021, 16:00 * 18+ | Note the terms and conditions

Russian Federation Khimki - SochiRussian Federation - May 16, 2021, 1:00 p.m.

Which of the two surprise teams of the season will go into the summer break with a win? Khimki, the strong climber, ended the season in midfield. The favorite discipline is on Saturday: a home game. A proud eight home games in a row were won, only against Zenit and CSKA Khimki remained without a goal. A difficult task that Sochi has to face on the way to Europe. Only because of the direct comparison you are in fifth place, if Kazan wins and loses points, the Conference League would be booked. Sochi has only won five times away from home, but two of the victories came in the most recent two attempts. Incidentally, Sochi only stayed away three times without a hit. Betting base recommends the tip: Win Khimki +2 HC- 1.93 @ Betano
Betting odds as of: 11.05.2021, 16:00 * 18+ | Note the terms and conditions

Russia Premier League conclusion - 30th matchday

Zenit is crowned champion, while the competition has to give everything again - this is the starting position for the Premier League on this 30th and final matchday of the 2020/21 season. The duel for second place will be particularly interesting because this is about qualifying for the Champions League. Spartak is clearly in pole position and has to score a point in order not to rely on his competitor Lok. Will the capital also be celebrated?


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