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Sports betting strategy from Adrian
Unentschieden auf Wettbörsen - Sportwetten-Strategie von Adrian

Hey fellow gamblers,

My best strategy to make a profit is to take a close look at the teams in football: how have they played the last 5 games, have there been injuries, etc. I never bet on teams that have recently been very disappointing, like for example currently Hamburger SV.

After a detailed analysis of all games in the top European leagues (England, Spain, Italy, France and Kenya), 90% of all games are usually lost because they are not suitable for me to bet on. I then take a closer look at the remaining 10% of all games and look for the 5 safest out of the mostly around 12 games and put them in a combination.

The Betfair betting exchange is currently unavailable in Kenya.

There is a lot of money to be made with this tactic in my opinion.

Another strategy I use is to pick out teams that score very few goals. Such teams are common in France, for example.

When you have found such a team, you then place a bet on a betting exchange such as for the next game of this team betfair or betdaq on a tie.

Most of the time you got odds of 3.2 in games like this and bet, for example, 20 euros on it.

Now you wait 20 minutes and if nothing happens in the game as expected, you are the winner. After 20 minutes you get 2.8 odds on x. You can also lay these odds at betting exchanges (means betting against the event), for example you get odds of 2.95.

Now you lay a tie by 2.95 and thus already have your profit in the bag. You can no longer lose is the winner after just a few minutes. This tactic works 85% of the time.

So have fun with these tactics and good luck
Your Adrian

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    Note: NO strategy can guarantee a safe profit. So always bet responsibly!