Contains commercial content Football betting for 9 years. I have tried various strategies I devised myself and have only been betting with one and the same strategy for almost 4 years, as I make the most stable profits with this one.

Wettstrategien – Sportwetten gewinnen mit Strategie

Wahrscheinlichkeiten schätzen und vergleichen

Sportwetten-Strategie von Fussball-John
Wahrscheinlichkeiten schätzen und vergleichen - Sportwetten-Strategie von Fussball-John

Ich spiele seit 9 Jahren Fussballwetten. Ich habe verschiedene, selbst erdachte Strategien ausprobiert und wette seit fast 4 Jahren nur noch mit ein und derselben Strategie, da ich mit dieser die stabilsten Gewinne einfahre.

It looks like this: I always use the Media before I type a game over:
- injured players
- Status in the table
- the last games
- constant or fluctuating performance of the individual teams
- Anything else that could be of relevance

So I only rely on teams that I can get enough information about and not on any provincial troops in Latvia or something like that.

Based on them I estimate the probability of winning the teams using the bullet points listed. This requires a lot of practice.

Then I set odds for the games myself (based on the probability that I have estimated) and compare my odds with the odds of my betting provider on the Internet. And here I bet on the teams that my bookmaker has given higher odds than me.

In between there are phases of loss, but overall I have been with over the last 16 months (since 16 months) always the same stake of 30 euros per game (I only bet single games, no combinations) 1,481 euros net profit generated. 3 months works successfully, then the stakes increase a little.

Wenn ihr das auch versuchen wollt, fangt mit wenig Einsatz zu testen an, wenn es ca. 3 Monate erfolgreich klappt, dann steigert ein wenig den Einsatz.

I wish all sports bettors all the best and lots of success, and the betting providers a lot of money to pay out ...

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    Note : NO strategy can guarantee a sure profit. So always bet responsibly!