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Sports betting strategy under 4.5 goals by Oliver

Good afternoon,

Today I would like to introduce you to my sports betting strategy under 4.5 goals aka "the squirrel eats slowly":

First of all you need a few ( many) games that you think won't score 5 goals! Easily said and easily found. It is best to take a look at the team's last 10 games and the direct comparisons, but also pay attention to any double burden. Under no circumstances should you play cup, friendship or cup games, preferably only league games.

Slow but steady profit opportunity

Let's say you have 100 EUR / USD. We try to play odds 1.3 - 1.4, most games have odds of 1.1, which means we take 3 to 4 games per ticket. So you have to find around 30-40 games in which you think that there won't be five goals.

First ticket (example)

  • Schalke - K'lautern below 4.5 odds 1.11
  • Freiburg - Mainz below 4.5 odds 1.09
  • Frankfurt - Duisburg 4.5 odds 1.12
  • Nancy - Lille 4.5 odds 1.08

That would be a 1.46 total odds. (Win with 10 EUR / USD = 14.6 EUR / USD)

You play a total of 10 of these notes with a stake of 10 EUR / USD each. Biggest win 146 EUR / USD! Is not the world, but not a little either! Almost 50 EUR / USD with a very low loss rate. Let's say two bills are fake, then that's still 116 EUR / USD. You only lose if you have 4 wrong notes !!!

For me, 4 were wrong once, mostly ALL right, very rarely also one wrong, I've been doing this every weekend for 5 months and am at the end of the month approx. 200 EUR / USD net profit. I think that's really juicy.

Best regards, Oliver

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Note: NO strategy can guarantee a secure profit. So always bet responsibly!