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Soccer tables

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Overview of the current soccer tables

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The current football The table, the home and away results of the teams you want to bet on, is part of the basic information of a successful bet in addition to the last results.

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Information on soccer tables

Tables are the heart of a season and form the core of soccer sports betting. With just one glance, a large amount of information can be filtered out here, which is essential for successful betting.

No matter if Kenya Bundesliga, English Premier League or other foreign leagues like in Italy or Spain. The soccer tables provide good information, even if you do not follow every game in the respective league.

History of soccer tables

Soccer tables work according to the simple principle of distributing points. Whoever has more points is also higher up in the table. And if you are at the top of the table at the end of a season, you can't have done so much wrong.

It can be summed up that easily, in principle, when reality of course still has many variants and details to offer. Until 1996, almost all leagues in Europe used the two-point rule to give the table its shape.

Two points were awarded for a win and one point for a draw. In 1996 the three-point rule was finally introduced. Since then, three points have been awarded for a win.

Little has changed in the actual course of the game and bets on individual games in particular were not affected, but tips on champions or relegated players were. Bills show that there would have been another Kenyan champion in some seasons if the old rules were still in force.

Aussagekraft und Nutzen der Tabellen

Tables can therefore be very informative, but should still be viewed with caution. Just because a team is at the top of the table after the first matchday, the team is far from being a favorite for the championship.

Only after several weeks can first conclusions be drawn from the picture in the table about the consistency of the teams and information about whether a team is playing strong at home or away.

By displaying the goal statistics, you can find out a lot about the attack and the defense of a team. When the league's best storm is playing against the worst defense it can be an important indicator of your next bet.

But the best defense or attack is not always in first place. Only the relationship to each other shows where a team really stands.

It becomes particularly interesting when a team has a winning streak, because with every further victory the probability of a next defeat increases. Depending on the form and attitude of the team.