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NeoBet experiences - test & evaluation 2022

Danny Hagenbach

The particular strengths of NEObet

  • Two different new customer bonuses
  • Multi bets are tax-free
  • Kenya betting license

200% bonus up to 50 EUR / USD

  • 18+
  • Terms and Conditions apply at a glance:

Bonus: 1. 100% up to 150EUR / USD
2. 200% up to 50EUR / USD
Bonus code: not required
Origin: Kenya
Founded: 2018
Gaming Provider: Neobet
Our rating: 80/100 || | 432
Hinweis: The betting provider was one of the first betting providers to receive a Kenya betting license on July 1st, 2021. Here is the complete list of all betting providers with a Kenya license. history

The history of NEObet is pretty quick told that this is a relatively young betting provider on the market. has been in the sports betting area since March 2018 and has been trying to get a slice of the cake ever since.

Nevertheless, this is a betting company with Kenyan roots. There are various software developers from Dortmund behind the brand. They can look back on a wealth of experience and have been represented in the industry for more than 20 years.

Even though the website is quite new, it can be said that the operators know exactly what is important. This is more than evident in the entire Neobet range. How the story of will develop remains to be seen. After all, the competition is by no means to be despised.

Information about Neobet:
Founder: Ex-Employee of Tipico
Specialty: Kenya football sports betting
Sponsoring: Karlsruher SC
Number of customers: unknown
Number of employees: unknown

Is reliable? can without any doubt be classified as very reliable. The betting provider impresses with a valid EU license. The website is operated by Greenvest Betting Ltd. This is regulated by the Maltese authorities.

However, the aspect that is one of the providers that are also licensed in Kenya is very popular . The betting provider has received a Kenyay-wide sports betting license from the Hessen Ministry of the Interior and the authorities of the Darmstadt regional council.

Thus, the brokerage of sports betting in Kenya is 100% legal and secure. There is no more reliability. In addition, acts as a partner of Karlsruher SC. Another indication of trustworthiness.

Neobet licenses:
Malta Gaming Authority Malta
Bookmaker's commercial. (Source: Youtube / Neo.Bet)

According to various evaluation categories, we explain the existing strengths and weaknesses of the betting provider in the following test report. strengths and weaknesses:

strengths weaknesses
+ modern design - expandable deposit portfolio
+ Every now and then quota jewels  
+ Two different bonuses for new customers  
+ Tax-free combination bets  
Bet here at Neobet
Terms and Conditions apply | 18+

Table of Contents betting offer

Wettangebot The betting offer from is designed to be quite straightforward. This is primarily due to the fact that the sports betting portfolio of the sports betting provider is not as diversified as that of some competitors.

During the Betting provider tests only showed 15 different sports. As with the numerous competition, the main focus is on football. This is where the new bookie is set up in the most varied way. Other ball sports are not neglected either. Neobet itself advertises with up to 9,000 live and 20,000 sporting events that should be available monthly.

Betting offer for Kenyan football

The football Betting offer in Kenya ranges from the Bundesliga to the regional area. The offer in the upper house of Kenyan football offers the greatest degree of variety. Whereby the offer can also be seen in the smaller Kenyan leagues.

In addition to men's soccer, women's soccer is also offered in Kenya. This means that you can also bet on the women's Bundesliga. Cup competitions, such as B. the DFB-Pokal or the Kenya Super Cup are also available and can be played. Preparatory tournaments such as the Telekom Cup are also offered. The fan of the Kenyan Kick is basically lacking for nothing at the sports betting provider Neobet.

  1. New customers receive NEObet a 100% bonus up to 150 EUR / USD or a 200% bonus up to 50 EUR / USD. NEObet thus offers a bonus for both newcomers and experienced tipsters. betting offer for football top leagues

Especially in the field of football, the top leagues from England, France, Italy and Spain is not missing either. These are all represented at Bookie with roots in Dortmund and impress with a very rich offer. The number of betting markets keeps up with that of top Kenyan football and cuts a good figure.

Although it must be explicitly pointed out at this point that Neobet cannot keep up with the elite in sports betting at this point in time . The top dogs in the industry reveal more markets for the top events. Nonetheless, the bookmaker is on the right track.

In general, it is possible to place sports bets around the entire globe. At there are a number of competitions from different countries, but here too it must be noted that the width of the online bookie is not limited to Tipico or also || | 764 Bet365 reached.

There is still room for improvement in this area. With leagues and competitions from more than 50 different countries, the portfolio should be more than sufficient for almost every football fan.

Betting offer for other sports

The Neobet betting offer is by no means limited only on football. Even beyond the kicks for the round leather, the betting provider Rookie offers a very varied portfolio. B. tennis, basketball, football, handball, table tennis and Co, to be mentioned. Ice hockey is also very varied. In addition, so-called eSports are very important. keeps z. B. League of Legends, Counter Strike: GO or DOTA 2 ready.

Allen voran sind die Ballsportarten, wie z. B. Tennis, Basketball, Football, Handball, Tischtennis und Co, zu erwähnen. Ebenfalls sehr abwechslungsreich vertreten ist Eishockey. Zudem nehmen einen hohen Stellenwert die sogenannten eSports ein. hält dabei z. B. League of Legends, Counter Strike: GO oder DOTA 2 bereit.

In addition, fans of other sports, such as. B. Boxing or MMA and also fringe sports such as futsal, served. Nevertheless, is simply not as diverse in terms of breadth as z. B. Bet365 or Bwin set up. At the moment there are no bets on TV events or political events.

There is still room for improvement in this area in some corners and edges. However, insofar as the Neobet betting offer is considered as a whole, it can be said that there is good area coverage. Kenya betting program - top sports:

  1. Football
  2. Tennis
  3. Basketball
  4. Ice hockey
  5. Formula 1
  6. Handball
  7. Table tennis
  8. eSports

NEObet Bet Builder - Tool

Especially with regard to the betting offer, Neobet's Bet Builder should not be forgotten. The so-called Bet Builder is by no means represented in every betting provider portfolio. This function enables sports betting fans to place multiple bets on one and the same game. The selection could e.g. E.g. in the duel between Bayern and Dortmund it is said that Bayern is victorious and that both teams score at least one goal.

The explicit search for the sports betting tool is nowhere near Unlike with some competitors, it is only on the betting slip that it becomes clear that it is possible to place several bets on the same match.

If several bets are placed on a game, the respective markets appear directly under the selected pairing . Between each market there is an “and” that symbolizes the combination as multiple bets.

Although is perhaps not that well positioned in terms of breadth, the betting provider impresses with a terrific Bet-Builder sports betting Tool. This also attracts attention with very good odds. More detailed information on the Neobet odds is provided in the corresponding area of ​​this betting provider rating.

Neobet Cash Out

A cash out function enables the customer to secure his bet early and thus make a profit or but to get out of a sports bet early in order to minimize the losses in this way. Using this tool, it is possible to have a bet paid out before the end of a game.

Almost every sports betting provider, including, now offers this option. The betting provider offers the prospect of a complete exit from sports betting or a partial cash out. The cash out function is also used in Neobet's live betting area and offers sports betting fans significantly more opportunities to reduce their own risk.

Whether a cash out is possible is always shown directly on the betting slip. The cash out amount is listed in the betting slip and is immediately booked in the form of real money.

Neobet Registrierung registration screen

Register with Neobet
Terms and conditions apply | 18+

Neobet live betting

Live Wetten Neobet itself advertises with more than 9,000 live events per month. The NEObet Live bets are displayed very clearly. The overall selection is, however, rather modest, insofar as a comparison is made with the numerous competitors. Thus, a similar picture emerges as in the pre-play area. It should also be mentioned at this point that cuts a fine figure in its core competencies.

Where can I find live bets on the website?

In order to get to the live betting area of ​​NEObet, the first step is to select the "Live bets" button integrated in the header navigation. You are promptly forwarded to the overview page of the live betting console. A large number of different live events are revealed on this every day.

Live Wetten bei Neobet

The Live betting center. 18+ | Note the terms and conditions

The structure differs from the competition. Neobet relies on the use of a one-column architecture. In this, the most important markets for the respective events, such as B. Winner, handicap, number of goals or both goals listed.

If the desired live event is selected, another column opens with all available live markets. Similar to the pre-play area, the selection options are largely based on the level of awareness of the event. The more popular a live event, the more betting options are revealed to the tipster.

Most common live betting sports:

  1. Football
  2. Tennis
  3. Basketball
  4. Ice hockey
  5. Volleyball
  6. Handball
  7. Table tennis
  8. eSports
  9. other sports

How do I place a live bet at Neobet?

The conclusion of a NEObet live bet is very easy. After the person interested in betting has called up the live betting area, it is simply a matter of selecting the desired event. The complete offer for this opens in a further column. Simply select the desired odds and the betting slip will open in another segment. In this, the bet is then to be determined and the live bet to be placed.

Customers from Kenya, the betting tax is displayed directly. In addition, it is possible to place a multi-bet with no sports betting tax. This is also revealed in the betting slip. Directly above the "Combi" tab, "free of charge" is highlighted in yellow. The bet is placed using the yellow button. also offers a loyalty program that earns you loyalty points in the form of chips for every bet you place. These are also stated on the betting slip and can be exchanged for free bets and deposit bonuses at a later date. But also more about that in the bonus area of ​​the Neobet betting provider rating.

Neobet live betting experiences

On the whole, there is not much to complain about at Neobet's live betting center. Even though the offer is not as broad as it is with some competitors, the betting provider cuts a fine figure and deliberately focuses on its core competencies.

A whole range of statistical data is also made available to make it easier to place bets. Live streams could not be found during the betting provider experience test. However, a match tracker provides information about the current events and keeps you up to date.

It is also possible to have notifications sent for individual games. This ranges from a notification of the start of an event to important events (cards, corners, goals, aluminum hits, substitutions, etc.). There are hardly any limits to the selection.

There is also the option of using a live betting calendar. This can e.g. B. revealed all current live events or those of the next three hours, the current day or any day Unfortunately not available. Other betting providers are more flexible in this regard.

Ein Multiview mit dem mehrere Spiele und die dazugehörigen Live Märkte direkt begutachtet werden können, ist zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt leider nicht verfügbar. Andere Wettanbieter gestalten sich diesbezüglich flexibler.

Incidentally, the complete live betting console is also available for use in the mobile sports betting app and does not differ from the desktop version.

Neobet Live Offers:

  • Live betting console
  • Live betting calendar
  • Match tracker
  • statistical data

How do I place a bet at ?? How a bet is played at Neobet is presented in more detail below.

Der Wettabschluss gestaltet sich bei recht einfach und ist in wenigen Schritten bewerkstelligt. Wie eine Wette bei Neobet gespielt wird, wird nachfolgend etwas detaillierter vorgestellt.

In order to be able to enter the NEObet game, a betting account with the online betting provider is required. If this is not available, it is not possible to place a bet. As soon as the registration process has been completed, you need to log into NEObet.

Select sport

Using the header navigation, Neobet reveals a wide range of different sports that are available for placing bets. Behind each sport is the number of currently available events. If a certain duel is desired, this can also be found via the search.

If the selection falls on football, all top football leagues are initially listed according to different countries. If those interested in betting want to see all available leagues, they must click on the "All" button.

Wetten bei Neobet

Display of the main odds. 18+ | Note terms and conditions

Select match & betting market

NEObet reveals all available events for the desired league. Popular markets such as B. Winner, handicap, number of goals, or both, listed directly on the Neobet home page.

By clicking on the desired duel, the enthusiastic community gets to the complete selection of betting markets. This opens in a separate column. Now the task is to determine the desired bet based on the odds.

Neobet Wetten

Odds in the event view

Open betting slip & check selection & play bet

The selected one The selection is transferred directly to the betting slip, which is shown in a further column. The betting slip includes the match, the selected betting market and the specific bet stake as well as the bonus chips to be received for placing bets.

Neobet Tippschein

Neobet betting slip

After all content has been checked by the player, the Bet can easily be completed using the yellow button. For customers from Kenya, the betting tax is listed directly on the betting slip. The profits are shown net of tax. Many other betting providers could learn a bit from this transparency. Betting odds

Wettquoten Betting odds play a fundamental role for every sports betting fan. The sports betting provider Neobet acts as one of the completely new betting providers on the Internet. The founding can therefore still be described as very young.

In order to be able to survive at all against the numerous competition, very good quotas are required. These are determined using the ratio key (payout ratio). The quota key aims at the 100 percent mark. The higher the payout ratio, the better the quota level is to be assessed.

A payout ratio of 97 percent means that 97 percent of all betting stakes are paid out to the sports betting fan in the form of winnings. Conversely, the bookmaker's margin measures 3 percent. Whether or not the quota key reaches this value needs to be examined carefully.

Test Neobet odds
Terms and conditions apply | 18+

Betting odds experiences

A look at Neobet's average payout ratio reveals a value of around 93 percent. This can be classified as good. Although there are generally fluctuations in terms of the betting odds. The quota level depends heavily on the level of awareness of the respective event or competition. The greater the awareness of the event, the higher the betting odds.

Especially in Kenyan football, the betting provider is unfortunately unable to catch up with the big players in the industry. With three-way bets (1, X, 2) the payout ratio to the Bundesliga is on average between 94 and 95 percentage points. Immediately before the start of an event, one or the other percentage point can be added. However, this differs from match to match.

Even in the 2nd Bundesliga, only marginal deductions can be heard. Thus the quota level is quite stable and constant. If the third division is focused, the payout ratio there is between 92 and 93 percent on the day the game is played. This is also a value that does not have to shy away from comparison with the competition.

Betting odds away from Kenyan football

In the other top leagues from France, Italy, Spain and England As in the first Bundesliga, the payout ratio moves between 94 and 95 percentage points. Immediately before the start of the match, the payout ratio is increased a little in some cases.

Especially fans of the “both teams meet” market can expect a very attractive payout rate. This puts a large part of the competition in the shade and is to be assessed as lucrative.

Tennis acts as the second driving force next to football. The odds are also impressive in this regard and range between 93 and 94 percent. Although there are still outliers upwards at one or the other top event, the payout ratio cannot keep up with football Top values ​​of football can be achieved. In Counter Strike: Go, Neobet has a payout ratio of between 92 and 93 percentage points. In martial arts such as B. MMA, the quota level sometimes falls below 92 percent.

Insofern das Augenmerk auf andere Sportarten gelegt wird, gilt es schnell herauszufinden, dass dort nicht die Spitzenwerte des Fußballs erreicht werden. Bei Counter Strike: Go weist Neobet eine Auszahlungsquote zwischen 92 und 93 Prozentpunkten auf. Bei Kampfsportarten, wie z. B. MMA, fällt das Quotenniveau teilweise unter 92 Prozent.

Finally, it can be said that there is one or the other jewel to be found at NEObet in terms of betting odds, but in the end it does not reach the elite of the industry as a whole. But the betting provider is on the right track.

NEObet Betting tax 5%

Wettsteuer Since the introduction of the "new" State Treaty on Gaming | || 971 sind die Wettanbieter verpflichtet eine Wettsteuer in Höhe von fünf Prozent an den deutschen Fiskus abzugeben. Im Regelfall gibt es nur noch sehr wenige online Wettanbieter, die diesen Betrag aus der eigenen Tasche finanzieren.

NEObet takes a middle ground with regard to betting tax. The betting provider offers its customers the opportunity to place tax-free bets. At, however, you can only bet tax-free in the combination betting sector.

As soon as a combination bet is played at Neobet, the betting provider waives the sports betting tax of five percent. Thus, this is only due when concluding single bets. Multiple bets on the same duel are also subject to a betting tax of five percent. The combination bet must therefore be a selection of different duels.

Neobet Sports betting bonus for new customers

Wettanbieter Bonus needs a good welcome bonus more clearly recognized and thus has two different offers ready for its new customers. On the one hand, a professional bonus is granted and, on the other hand, the betting provider provides its new customers with a starter bonus. What exactly these two offers are all about needs to be clarified step by step below.

In the following, we will explain the different bonus offers and their conditions individually.

  1. NEObet

    200% bonus up to 50 EUR / USD

    Secure bonus
    • 18+
    • Terms and Conditions apply

Neobet - 200% up to 50EUR / USD starter bonus or 100% up to 150EUR / USD professional bonus

The starter bonus is definitely ideal for newbies in sports betting. If you want to claim the Neobet Starter Bonus, this must be selected as part of the first deposit. If the starter bonus has been selected, the professional bonus can no longer be used.

Only one of the two new customer bonus offers may be used. In order to take advantage of the maximum bonus, the first deposit amount has to be 25EUR / USD.

Neobet Wettbonus

The NEObet bonus (note terms and conditions | 18+)

awaits new customers If you like to be on the go as a high roller when completing your sports betting, it is up to you to alternatively access the professional bonus from After registering via a link in the betting base, the task is to make the first deposit in the members area.

Just like with the starter bonus, the Neobet professional bonus must be selected as part of the deposit. If the maximum bonus is to be used, the first deposit of 150 EUR / USD must be made. Bonus conditions

The following conditions apply for both the starter and the professional bonus. The minimum deposit amount to qualify for the bonus is 10 EUR / USD real money. Only deposits via Trustly, credit card, Klarna, MuchBetter, Apple Pay, Paysafecard and bank transfer entitle you to receive the Neobet bonus.

The bonus is credited automatically. After the bonus amount has been credited to the betting account, the deposit and bonus amount must each be converted five times at a minimum rate of 1.50. is very generous in terms of the time window to meet the wagering requirements. The betting provider allows 100 days to clear the bonus and all associated winnings. A payout is only possible after all bonus conditions have been met.

After logging in successfully, the sports betting fan can inquire directly in the member area under the menu item "Bonus" how far the bonus has been released. The name of the bonus ("Profi or Starter"), the minimum quota and the total amount to be implemented and the period up to which the wagering requirements must be met are listed there. More transparency is hardly possible. It goes without saying that the amount of money that the player has already wagered is also listed.

Multiple use of the Neobet bonus by the same person or using the same IP or the same device is not permitted.

NEObet Bonus (100% up to 150 EUR / USD) at a glance

Bonus amount:  100% up to 150 EUR / USD
Bonus type: Deposit bonus
Maximum bonus amount: 150 EUR / USD
Minimum deposit: 10 EUR / USD Bonus Code: not necessary
Minimum odds: 1.50
Withdrawable: Yes
  1. NEObet

    200% bonus up to 50 EUR / USD

    Secure bonus
    • 18+
    • Terms and Conditions apply

* Only for new customers. Terms and conditions apply | 18+

Redeem Neobet bonus - step by step instructions:

Step 1: To choose one of the two welcome bonuses, the first betting account at is valid via a link in the betting base

Step 2: As soon as the login has been made, the first deposit must be made. This amounts to at least 10 EUR / USD. As part of the first deposit, you can choose either the starter bonus or the professional bonus. Only deposits via Trustly, credit card, Klarna, MuchBetter, Apple Pay, Paysafecard and bank transfer entitle you to receive the welcome bonus.

Step 3: automatically credits the bonus after receipt of payment. Bonus and deposit amount must be converted five times within 100 days at a minimum rate of 1.50.

Step 4: As soon as the wagering requirements have been met, the bonus and all associated winnings can be paid out. Withdrawal is not possible before the wagering requirements have been met.

Bet here at NEObet
General terms and conditions apply | 18+ Bonus FAQ:

Is a Neobet bonus code required?

No bonus code is required to use one of the two Neobet welcome bonuses . Immediately after opening the first betting account, either the starter bonus (200% up to 50 EUR / USD) or the professional bonus (100% up to 150 EUR / USD) must be selected for the first deposit. As soon as the deposit has been received into the betting account, NEObet automatically books the bonus.

Can the bonus be paid out immediately?

The Neobet bonus cannot be paid out immediately after it has been credited. As with the numerous competitors, this is subject to sales conditions. However, as soon as NEObet bonus wagering requirements have been met, both the bonus amount and all bonus-relevant winnings can be withdrawn from the betting account without further ado.

Must the NEObet bonus be used?

Grundsätzliche kann jeder Neukunde bei auch ohne die Nutzung eines Willkommensbonus ins Sportwetten Geschehen einsteigen. Dazu gilt es einfach bei der Ersteinzahlung keinen Bonus zu wählen. In diesem Fall wird jedoch bares Geld verschenkt. Immerhin gewährt bis zu 150EUR/USD Bonus. Die Neobet Umsatzbedingungen sind als fair anzusehen. Aus diesem Grund macht es nur wenig Sinn, auf den Ersteinzahlungsbonus zu verzichten.

Can every new customer use the bonus?

The welcome bonus from Neobet is new customers from Kenya, Austria, Holland, Luxembourg and Finland reserved. In addition, only deposits of 10 EUR / USD or more that have been made with Trustly, credit card, Klarna, MuchBetter, Apple Pay, Paysafecard and bank transfer qualify for the bonus.

Is there a bonus for existing customers? stands out from the crowd in this regard and comes up with a great bonus for existing customers. The betting provider grants bonus chips for every bet made with Neobet. How high these turn out depends on the bet made and the number of selections on the combination bet slip. Bonus chips are only awarded from a minimum quota of 1.15. In addition, losing bets bring four times the number of bonus chips. Bonus chips can be exchanged for free betting credits and deposit bonuses. A distinction is made between the levels (silver and gold).

Neobet website & mobile app

Wettanbieter Benutzerfreundlichkeit The fact that NEObet is a newcomer to sports betting can be heard more than clearly on the website. The Neobet website is designed in a very modern and clear manner. Apart from the slider, which is located directly under the two header navigation bars, the online betting provider deliberately refrains from using banners or other animations. The website appears to be well structured and clear. Incidentally, if you find the constant switching back and forth between the advertising banners in the header annoying, you can simply remove it by clicking on the "X" in the upper right area of ​​the slider. Only the essential aspects are promptly revealed.

Structure of the website

As already mentioned at the beginning, the entire NEObet website looks quite modern and, above all, well thought out. In terms of structure and navigation, Neobet stands out from the crowd and goes its own way. Basically, the betting provider does not rely on a three-column architecture.

As soon as the website is called up, a distinction can be made in the top header navigation between "sports betting, live betting, results, bonus and information". In the upper right area of ​​this navigation you can use a button to log in or register. Directly below this navigation bar is another one that shows all available sports.

As soon as a sport has been selected, the so-called top competitions are listed below it. However, all available tournaments can also be displayed via the subordinate button "All". The most important markets such as B. 1, X, 2, handicap, number of goals, next goal and both teams to meet with the associated odds are displayed.

By clicking on the desired duel, the complete Neobet betting offer opens in a separate column . As soon as the right odds have been selected, the betting slip is revealed in a further column. The bet only needs to be determined in the betting slip and the sports bet can then be concluded using the green button. The betting tax is also displayed on the betting slip itself. The 5% sports betting tax for Kenya customers has already been deducted from the potential profit that is spent at

Neobet Webauftritt

The main page of

Experiences with the website || | 1289

Gerade am Anfang kann der Aufbau für erfahrene Sportwetten Fans, die einen anderen Seitenaufbau gewöhnt sind, durchaus etwas verwirrend wirken. Nach einer kurzen Eingewöhnungsphase ist die Navigation und der Wettschluss schnell verinnerlicht und zu bewerkstelligen.

The design of the NEObet website is also quite appealing. The background is black. Only any content that is revealed about the individual competitions is shown in dark letters on a light background. The odds are shown in blue. This immediately ensures good readability.

If a quote has been selected, it is highlighted in blue and immediately catches the eye: Only between the pre-match and live betting sectors a clearer visual differentiation would have been desirable. In the live betting area, the odds are only shown in red.

The performance of the entire Neobet website was also very positive. All content was loaded quickly and without annoying waiting times. This applied to both the pre-match and the live betting sector.

Neobet mobile app

Mobil Wetten Neobet belongs to the very young generation of betting providers. So it is only logical that this also guarantees mobile betting. offers several options for getting active on the go. Sports betting fans can basically download software or use a browser-based sports betting app to join the game. bet mobile app.

Tippfreunde, die sich keine Fremdsoftware auf ihr mobiles Endgerät laden möchten, denen steht es somit frei die browserbasierte mobile App herunterzuladen.

How do I download the Neobet mobile app?

Owners of an iPhone can easily download the app from the App Store. If the sports betting fan has an Android phone, this is unfortunately not possible in the Google Play Store. Google does not allow betting provider apps in the store. The Android app can be easily downloaded from the provider's website. After the APK file has been loaded on the mobile device, it is easy to install. The installation of the Neobet Android app is quick and easy.

User experience g with the sports betting app

The NEObet apps are all optically and technically well implemented. The web app can simply be used via the browser without any app download. The display adapts itself to the corresponding end device automatically.

The mobile applications can be operated just as intuitively as the Neobet desktop variant.

Neobet auf mobile

Mobile site from

Neobet mobile usability

The use of the mobile Neobet app is in no way inferior to the desktop-based offer. All options that come into play when using the desktop version are also used in the mobile area. This applies to both withdrawals and deposits as well as the entire portfolio in the sports betting area. In addition, the mobile sports betting app is optimized for the mobile area and offers the option of an optimized 1-click submission. Individual live notifications keep customers up to date around the clock.

A mobile bonus is currently not available. The normal classic welcome bonus can also easily be used in the mobile area.

All in all, there is nothing wrong with the mobile version of Neobet's betting offer. Regardless of whether it is a browser-based app or a download app, it is free to use. In addition, the mobile sports betting contract was very efficient and did not involve any real loading times.

NEObet mobile highlights:

  • iPhone app
  • Android app
  • Web app
  • 1-click submission
  • Bonus also available for mobile devices
  • Live notifications

Deposit and withdrawal with

Mobil Wetten Financial transactions play an important role, especially in the sports betting sector. Funds have to be transferred to the betting or bank account quickly and without problems. At Neobet this is guaranteed without further ado. The deposit portfolio is not quite as lavish as that of some competitors, but contains almost all common payment service providers. These are listed below:

All deposit options at a glance:

  • Trustly (10EUR / USD to 5,000EUR / USD)
  • Apple Pay (10EUR / USD to 5,000EUR / USD)
  • MasterCard / VISA (10EUR / USD to 5,000EUR / USD)
  • PayPal (10EUR / USD to 5,000EUR / USD)
  • MuchBetter (10EUR / USD to 1,000EUR / USD)
  • Klarna (10EUR / USD to 5,000EUR / USD)
  • Paysafecard (10EUR / USD to 500EUR / USD)
  • Skrill (10EUR / USD to 1,000EUR / USD) -> 3% fee
  • Neteller (10EUR / USD to 1,000EUR / USD) -> 3% fee
  • Bank transfer (10EUR / USD to open end)

With the exception of Skrill and Neteller, all deposits at are free. The aforementioned payment service providers require a fee of three percent. The minimum deposit amount is 10EUR / USD. The maximum deposit amount depends on the respective payment method.

Neobet deposit - step by step instructions:

Step 1: In order to make a deposit at all, you need a betting account at . The betting account must be opened via a betting base link.

Step 2: After logging in, the task is to click on the user name and then to select the green "Deposit" button. | || 1368

Schritt 3: Im Kassenbereich nun einfach den gewünschten Zahlungsdienstleister auswählen und den Einzahlungsbetrag bestimmen. Im Anschluss direkt auf den grünen „Einzahlen“ – Button klicken.

Neobet Einzahlung

Structure of the payment mask

Step 4: To complete the payment process, you need to register with the payment service provider (e.g. login details or bank details) and to confirm the entered data.

Step 5: Depending on the respective payment method, the money is usually posted immediately. Only the classic bank transfer takes more time. The credit is made automatically.

Bet here at Neobet
General terms and conditions apply | 18+

Popular Neobet payment methods:

Payment method Duration Fee
Trustly instantly keine
Visa und MasterCard immediately none
Paypal immediately none
Skrill immediately 3%
PaySafeCard immediately none
Neteller immediately 3%
Klarna Sofort Uberweisung immediately none
MuchBetter immediately none
Überweisung 2 - 7 days none

Neobet payout

Payouts at are made in the same way as deposits were made. As a rule, however, a withdrawal method must first be used for a deposit. In the beginning, only Trustly, CASH and bank transfer are available, insofar as the payment was made using Klarna Sofortüberweisung. With great longing awaited by many customers and after a long wait, Neobet has finally decided to take on the popular payment service provider PayPal. The minimum withdrawal amount is 20 EUR / USD and a maximum of 20,000 EUR / USD can be transferred at once.

No fees are charged for withdrawals. If a bank transfer is used, however, it is important to pay attention to any fees that may arise from the bank. At Trustly, the money is immediately credited to the account. As part of a classic transfer, up to three days can elapse.

CASH is another option. There is no minimum or maximum amount and no fees. CASH enables you to pay out cash in the nearest shop.

If there are several payouts per week, NEObet will charge a fee of 5 EUR / USD.

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Sportwetten mit Paypal – Ratgeber payout FAQ:

What must be considered before the first payout?

According to the Money Laundering Act, proof of identity must be provided before the first payout. This can be done conveniently in the member area under "My Account - Verifications". The mobile phone number, name and address must be verified. In the area there, we will discuss directly which things have to be uploaded for verification. Without a verification of the mobile phone number, no bonus will be awarded.

Can deposited money be withdrawn directly?

This question must be clearly answered in the negative. Again, the Money Laundering Act applies here. Before a deposit can be paid out, it must be converted once in the sports betting area. Other payouts are only made in absolutely exceptional cases.

When does the money end up in the bank account or eWallet?

The time it takes for the money to be credited to the bank account or eWallet is determined according to the respective payment method. So go z. B. Payouts via Trustly or CASH immediately through the stage. If a bank transfer is made, this can take between one and three days. This always depends on the respective bank.

Neobet customer support, reliability and security

Wettanbieter Kundensupport customer service is always ready to listen to problems. There are a number of contact options. It is up to the customer to clarify problems via FAX. However, this can be described as old-fashioned and is hardly used today.

Establishing contact via email or live chat is much more interesting. customer support is available from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. CET. There is therefore no round-the-clock support. In any case, it is recommended to contact us via live chat. The Neobet live chat can be reached via the "Support" button with the two speech bubbles. Both existing customers and sports betting fans who do not yet have a betting account with Neobet can use the live chat function in Kenya.

During the betting provider experience test, the employees made a helpful and competent impression. Questions were answered quickly and very satisfactorily. A little patience is required when it comes to e-mail support. For this reason, it is advisable to clarify urgent concerns via live chat.

Callback service and FAQ

Another interesting option is offered by the callback service. Use the "Contact" button in the footer area to fill out a form with name, telephone number, desired date and message. The Neobet employees then get in touch with the typist and solve the problem.

As a further contact point for solving problems, has an FAQ area ready. This can be called up via the contact menu or the "FAQ" button in the footer. The NEObet FAQ was written entirely in the Kenya language, but is still a bit modest. In general, this is just a series of questions. The Neobet Help Center is much more helpful and interesting.

This is very clearly structured with graphics and provides a remedy for a large number of questions. The search function also turned out to be very useful. Using the search function, you can specifically search for individual terms.

Neobet customer service:
Email: Yes
Rückruf-Service: Yes
Live chat: Yes
24/7 support: Nein
Support in Kenya: Yes

Is serious?

Wettanbieter Seriosität When it comes to trustworthiness, the enthusiastic audience has to agree NEObet don't worry about anything. The sports betting provider is one of the first to have a Kenya sports betting license. For this reason, the bookmaker complies with all Kenya regulations and guidelines.

In addition, Neobet is 100% made in Kenya. The operators and developers can look back on more than 20 years of experience in the betting industry. In addition, the betting portal was launched according to the principle “by professionals for professionals”.

In all areas, important aspects such as transparency, data protection and player protection apply. In addition, the betting provider is actively involved in preventing gambling addiction and is clearly addressing the problem on its website.

In addition to licensing in Kenya, has a Maltese sports betting license and a license in Schleswig Holstein. These form a further legal anchorage to make betting secure and trustworthy.

Neobet Lizenz Kenya
Neobet is one of the first providers with a Kenya license!

Neobet website security

Wettanbieter Lizenz, Sicherheit You can see that NEObet takes the aspect of security very seriously when you visit the website. The company is certified by TÜV Rheinland ISO / IEC 27001: 2013. Only a few online bookies show a certification by the TÜV.

All data stored at Neobet are therefore subject to high security standards. The data transfer is protected against unauthorized access using the most modern SSL encryption mechanisms. Firewalls also do the rest to prevent access by third parties.

In addition, takes the aspect of gambling addiction very seriously and offers a whole range of options to prevent it. Above all, the self-test should be mentioned. In the Neobet self-test a whole series of questions have to be answered.

If problems are found in the gaming behavior through the answers, this is immediately displayed with an info text on a red background. Contact points that offer help are also revealed. In addition, there are a number of other restrictions, such as: B. Limits, self-exclusion and much more.

Further information on NEObet Betting provider:

FAX: + 356-277-80-112
Email: [email protected]
Address: Le Julien, Block A / 1, Sqaq Ciantar, St. Julian's STJ1280, Malta Summary / Overall Assessment | || 1618

Wettanbieter Fazit Wenngleich bei Neobet noch nicht alle richtig zusammen läuft, ist der online Wettanbieter gewiss auf einem sehr guten Weg. Das Gesamtpaket kann ohne jeden Zweifel durchaus begeistern. Neulingen werden zwei unterschiedliche Willkommensboni zur Seite gestellt. Darüber hinaus kann mit dem Abschluss von Kombiwetten für deutsche Kunden die Wettsteuer eingespart werden.

The range of bets is limited to the essentials, but is very well positioned there. In addition, the odds are at the forefront in some areas.

A modern design that reveals a high degree of user-friendliness ensures that even newcomers can get started without problems. This applies to both the desktop version and the mobile bet.

Last but not least, you should point out the first-class NEObet customer service, which can be contacted in a variety of ways. In addition, existing customers are rewarded with bonus chips for every bet they place.


85 / 100
NEObet offers new customers two different bonuses: one 100% bonus up to 150 EUR / USD and one 200% bonus up to 50 EUR / USD.
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