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Odds calculator / odds calculator for sports betting

What is our odds calculator for? Betting odds play a very important role when placing bets.

But what do betting odds actually mean? Basically everyone knows that the betting odds provide information about the amount of possible profit. Behind every betting odds there is only a probability. This can be higher or lower depending on the probability of occurrence of the respective event.

Should Dortmund z. B. play against Freiburg, it should be clear to everyone that the probability of a Dortmund victory is much higher than the probability of a victory of the Breisgau. Ultimately, the betting odds only reflect a percentage probability. In order to convert odds in percent, sports betting odds calculators or betting odds calculators are available on various websites Can convert percent. At the same time, however, the betting odds calculator also offers you the option of converting probabilities into betting odds.

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Odds / probability calculator





Convert betting odds into probabilities (example)

Basically, it is always useful to use a betting odds calculator. At this point we would like to introduce you to the principle of a sports betting odds calculator. After all, there are only simple mathematical formulas behind this in order to be able to calculate the betting odds.

In our example, we are looking at the Bundesliga. Let's start from the duel between Hamburger SV and Bayern Munich. The odds distribution for this duel is as follows:

  • HSV win odds 12.0
  • Draws odds 6.50 | || 342
  • Quote Sieg Bayern 1.23

Based on the betting odds, it can already be seen that Bayern are the clear favorites in this match. The probability of a victory for Bayern is 81.3 percent. So everything looks like a victory for FCB. The probability of a tie occurring is 15.4 percent. The probability of a Hamburg win is 8.3 percent.

But how are the probabilities actually calculated?

The betting odds in our example are converted into probabilities using the following formula:

1 / 1.23 * 100 = 81.3 %

The general formula is:

1 / (odds) * 100 = probability in%

If you have now added the three probabilities in our example, should have found out that the probability of all three events occurring is over one hundred percent. In the end, 105 percent come out.

This is due to the fact that the bookmaker beats his theoretical profit on it. The occurrence of the three possible starting scenarios of the game is covered by 100 percent. The other five percent represent the profit margin of the online sports betting provider.

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In reality, however, it is rather unlikely that the sports betting fans will be in this exactly Bet odds ratio. Only in the case of a distribution of the stakes in the ratio of the above-mentioned probabilities would the betting provider be sure of a profit of five percent.

As a rule, however, significantly more money is placed on the clear favorite. Should z. For example, if 85 percent of bettors bet on a Bavarian victory, the excess 3.7 percent in the event of a Bavarian victory would be borne by the betting provider.

Since the Online Betting providers but do not want to accept losses, they then adjust their betting odds. In this case, the odds on a Bayern win would decrease accordingly. The other betting odds would be subject to a slight increase.

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With the change in odds, the online sports betting provider hopes that fewer sports betting fans will bet on Bayern's victory and, on the other hand, more money will be invested by HSV due to the more attractive odds on draws and wins. Ideally, at the end there is a distribution that brings the bookmaker a small profit.

With our odds calculator or betting odds calculator, you can easily convert betting odds into probabilities or convert odds into percentages. || | 816